Monday, August 14, 2017

The Divine under the form of Love

It may be said that at its origin love is the supreme power of attraction which awakens, in response, the irresistible need of an absolute self-giving; they are the two poles of the urge towards complete fusion.
      No other movement could, better and more surely than this, throw a bridge across the abyss dug by the sense of separation that comes from the formation of the individual. It was necessary to bring back to itself what had been projected into space without destroying for this purpose the universe created thus.
That is why love sprang up, the irresistible power of union.
When the baker wants to make the dough of his bread rise, he puts some leaven into it, and it is from within that the transformation takes place.
When the Divine wanted to rouse Matter, awaken it and make it rise towards God, He threw Himself into Matter under the form of love, and it is from within that the transformation takes place.
So it is by living from within an organisation that one can help it to become enlightened and rise towards the Truth.
                                                                                                          - The Mother
                                                                                                         17 January 1965

(CWMCE, Vol. 14, Page 124)

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pianomonika said...

Above all stands love;but where it has gone in our time, in our days?

Where are the ideals and the truth and who is willing to strive after it?
THe one, who really wants it, must read in Mother's notes and these of Sri Aurobindo.