Friday, December 30, 2016

Finance and Politics

There are two things which it is very difficult to change: finance and politics; 

the field of money and the field of government are the two points where man 

is weakest and most attached to falsehood. So, probably, transformation will

come there last of all.

                                                                                             - The Mother

(Questions And Answers, Volume 7, Page 302)


pianomonika said...

There is a saying: Money governs the world.
One wonders what form of government is best suited to the people.
Democracy or only one has the say?
I would like to bring a proverb again:''Too many cooks spoil the mush''
A good parliament ensures the security of the country and the people.
Security costs money, a good army for the protection of the country. Also weapons belong to it.
The key question is: Are these weapons used for defense only?
The social striving for the well-being of the country also plays an important role. Schools, hospitals and, above all, workplaces.
Money helps to power, and this power can be abused.
For 2017:''Let us hope for a ''Good New Year''--that wins democracy, restores peace where it is not yet, and freedom is preserved.

Aryadeep S. Acharya said...

Dear Jitendra,

I am grateful to you for today's post about Finance and Politics because it helped me find a reference I was looking for since several years, namely which sector of humanity will collaborate first. Following are the words I found following the hint your quote gave.

"Perhaps the first thing that will be transformed will be the scientific world, it is possible; because there a very great sincerity is required and a very persevering effort, and these already are qualities which open for you the door to a higher life.... But we shall come to this next time... no, not next time, after two lessons."

Aryadeep S. Acharya