Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Money Power according to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

It was the Mother's view that although, like politics, money too perversely resisted any influence that aimed at transforming its ends and means, both had sooner or later to be brought under supramental action. The power of money was in the hands or under the control of the forces and beings of the vital world that were using the power against the cause of the Truth and the interests of the Divine. Sri Aurobindo too had said that money was the visible sign of a universal force which, although it was being exploited and put to evil uses by the Asuric forces, must be reconquered for the Divine to whom alone it belonged and should be used "divinely for the divine life". Should there be a single victory for the Divine somewhere, it would have its reverberations elsewhere, and ultimately everywhere. The problem was to make a decisive start and that was what the Mother did in the Ashram itself and through some of her disciples. In such alliance with the Divine, money could achieve wonders, increase wealth, improve distribution, and bring about a general diffusion of prosperity and happiness. In explanation of her own business initiatives the Mother said:

"First of all, from the financial point of view, the principle on which our action is based is the following: money is not meant to make money. This idea... is a falsehood and a perversion.

Money is meant to increase the wealth, the prosperity and the productiveness of a group, a country or, better, of the whole earth.... And like all forces and all powers, it is by movement and circulation that it grows and increases its power, not by accumulation and stagnation."

                                       - K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar

(On The Mother, Chapter 50, ‘Wings of Exapnsion’, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry)

*                 *                *
            The financiers and businessmen have been offered the possibility to collaborate with the future, but most of them refuse, convinced that the power of money is stronger than that of the future.
                    But the future will crush them with its irresistible power.
                   In this material world, for men, money is more sacred than the Divine’s Will.

                                                        - The Mother
                                              12 March 1965
(CWMCE, Vol. 16, Page 57)