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Rakshasas (Demons) and Man

Disciple: When do the Rakshasas and Asuras get a chance of exploiting men?
Sri Aurobindo: When men open themselves to their influence. If we indulge ourselves to any great extent in ambition, lust, greed etc., they get a chance of establishing their sway over us. When groups of persons begin sadhana, all these forces gather round them and try to find out some hole or weak points through which they may enter and frustrate the sadhana which tends to take these men away from the influence of these lower forces.
Disciple: How are these beings affected by the sadhana or tapasya of men?
Sri Aurobindo: They enjoy by associating with men.
Disciple: Have these beings any progress or evolution?
Sri Aurobindo: They may be changed into some other being but not by stages of evolution through which man has to pass. When they open themselves to the higher power, make themselves servants of the higher will, they may be transformed. Some say that they incarnate themselves as men in order to do sadhana and attain salvation; thus there is the view that Asuras attain salvation by dying in the hands of God. I cannot say why such a view is held and what truth there is in it. But these beings as they are, can be known very well – their natures and different kinds of play can be easily discerned.
-      Sri Aurobindo
   (26 June, 1926)
(Interviews and Conversations with Sri Aurobindo and

 the Mother by Anilbaran Roy)

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pianomonika said...

Anticipation for the not so informed readers:
Tapasya --It is a part of a stage of life, at the mind and spirit level.Meditation tapas involves focusing upon the Supreme Brahman-the central principles of reality and universe.
Rakshasa---is a demonic being from the Hindu mythology.
Asura--a member of a class of divine beings in the Vedic period, which in Indian mythology tend to evil.
Sadhana-- is an ego-transcending spiritual practice.
To resist the demons is the task for all people.
To change the stage of evolution, which man has to pass, that is what Sri Aurobindo saw for the mankind.