Friday, February 19, 2016

Sri Aurobindo : Poète et Philosophe


pianomonika said...

Vous n’êtes point nés pour une petitesse irrévocable
Ni bâtis pour de vains commencements
Des pouvoirs tout-puissants sont enfermés dans les cellules de la Nature
Une destinée plus grande vous attend...
La vie que vous menez cache la lumière que vous êtes.

Welcome back.Dr.Jitendra Sharma
Your Blog society missed your postings

Jitendra Sharma said...

My difficulty is that you all seem to expect a kind of miraculous fairy-tale change and do not realise that it is a rapid and concentrated evolution which is the aim of my Sadhana and that there must be a process for it, a working of the higher in the lower and a dealing with all the necessary intervals — not a sudden feat of creation by which everything is done on a given date. It is a supramental but not an irrational process. What is to be done will happen — perhaps with a rush even — but in a workmanlike way and not according to Faerie.
- Sri Aurobindo
(SABCL, Vol. 26, Page 147)

pianomonika said...

Yes, Dr.Jitendra Sharma, the sentences above of Sri Aurobindo, are so right.
Yes, it's true, we humans always want everything and that as fast as possible.
Sri Aurobindo: Savitri Page 112
In us too the intuitive Fire can burn
An agent Light, it is coiled in our folded hearts.
On the celestial levels is its home: Descending , it can bring those heavens here.

pianomonika said...

Additional:''The Mahabharata or Mahābhārata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. The Mahabharata is an epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes'''
Maybe many of us thought about the name''Savitri''
The legend of Savitri, whose devotion to her dead husband persuades Yama, the god of death, to restore him to life.
Savitri, is the goddess of the supreme truth.

pianomonika said...

For those, who can not so good French the translation to English from :

Un fragment retrouvé:....
A fragment found in the papers of Sri Aurobindo and that we do not know what link expresses very well, in all its mystery, the vocation of the poet himself.

Like a firefly in the dark

O you, the Supreme Powers of the Mother Divine,

I came to you initiated, mark the sign.

Because I carry the name that nothing disappears.

I fed my breath a boundless space, all spirit.

And my soul through the inscrutable silences heard

The divine voice of knowledge and wonder of the word.

She listened to the secret célaient in their night

The infinite unconscious omens of its power (...)

That's when I was born in the most intimate and dark,

Seed soul in the fire of grains energies that remain.

I now know to what end I was his spark at work

In the Matter of midnight, like a firefly in the dark.

pianomonika said...

Additional : Gabriel Germain

Naissance 1903
Paris (France)
Décès 1978
Chantilly (France)
Gabriel Germain, professeur de lettres classiques au Maroc, collègue et ami de Henri Bosco, était aussi poète. Le fonds réunit ses manuscrits et les oeuvres éditées, une abondante correspondance et sa bibliothèque, qui fait une place importante aux littératures grecque et latine, à la poésie du 20 e siècle et aux religions, en particulier l'islam et l'hindouisme.

Bert Palbac said...
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