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"FOURTH DIMENSION" - A Hollywood movie adaptation of Sri Aurobindo's epic poem "SAVITRI"

ADITI ARTS TRANSCENDENTAL PICTURES, founded informally in Pondicherry, India in Feb.2003, provides the global community with movies that take humanity to the next evolutionary level and explores the inner and the hidden life forces moving behind the appearances of the dualities of both good and bad. The New Age theme focuses on the transformation of evil back into its original Divine Nature, transforming the heart of entertainment and taking movie production to the next evolutionary step to ensure its survival. Current location is in Bombay, India but once production is underway, the office will be locating to Hollywood.  Project was inspired to address the evolution of humanity and the next step towards Human Unity and Love, ultimately raising the consciousness of the world today. 
Shiva Vangara, founder of Transcendental Pictures, has 30 years of spiritual background and 20 years of practical experience in the film industry in India. He is the Director in the company and will align with high profile Hollywood companies to provide industry expertise. Current strategic partners are Weta Digital, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).
"FOURTH DIMENSION" and its sequels feature new and groundbreaking themes and transcendental visuals, requiring the latest technological advances in visual effects and sets. The project will also include filming at locations of the Seven Wondersof the World e.g. The pyramids in Egypt, TajMahal in India etc. and the eighth wonder, NUCLEUS OF LOVE – The Soul of Auro Galaxy.
Target audience: 12 years and up, including all those aspiring towards the future. (New Age/spiritual/self-development communities).
Actors under consideration includes: Hema Malini, Meryl Streep, Richard Gere, Goldie Hawn, Melanie Griffith, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Emma Thurman, Liv Tyler, Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson, and Wesley Snipes.
Theatrical release: USA and global foreign markets, picked up by syndicated television and cable.
Marketing: Ultra-Violet, Blu-Ray, DVD, Interactive eBooks, Outer wear Clothing, Dolls, Toys, Household products, (etc).
Projected Cost: Approximately 300 million US dollars.

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pianomonika said...

A great project, this movie and with these well-known actors, it will cause a sensation outside of India.
Shiva Vangara with his spiritual background and long years of practical experience,as well as founder of Transcendental Pictures, will be the right ''man'' to realise this.
---Fourth Dimension--will bring
Sri Aurobindo's epic poem SAVITRI around the world.

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A bold and unique presentation!

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The great thinking


Dr.samir dey

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