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Anilbaran Roy’s Conversations with the Mother

27 December 1929

I wrote a reply to X’s attack on “The Pondicherry School.”
Mother said: “Sri Aurobindo says it is not worth to give any reply to that man.
In the first place your reply is not in the right way. You bring yourself down to their level and apologize and explain. It is very bad to apologize. What we do, we do because it is necessary. You must not go on giving explanations. You write in a tone as if we are doing what they think we ought to do. But it is not true. There is as much untruth in what you have written as in what the man has said; only he has bad will and you have good will. We have not much clever men amongst us, our organization is very poor, there are better things elsewhere. If we were to depend on these there was no necessity of our work. What do I care whether one paints well or sings well: It is quite possible that these persons may not do well in sadhana. I do not give attention to these things, therefore they do not progress. My object is transformation, not going in the old way.
Man cannot make any progress in the old way; it has to be transformed – that is our object, that is the right answer in two lines. That answer has been given already in the mental, it is not necessary that it should be given a material form; people also will not understand it.
So many stupid things are said about our sadhana. Even people who have lived here for a long time, everyone speaks stupidly. But we are prepared for it. They have to be changed and transformed.
In the second place, it is not necessary to give an answer. Such attacks do little harm. Those who have faith in us will regard these as stupid. Those who have no faith will not be convinced by what you write; they will say that these persons think themselves to be very clever.
Anilbaran: Take me out of this lower level.
Mother: When you are in your inner consciousness you live on a high level. But when you deal with these persons you at once come down to their level. This must cease. When you deal with them you must rise up even higher than your highest.
It is better that people do not understand us, for if they understood they might come in our way and become dangerous.
On the afternoon of 27.12.1929 Mother heard a voice:
“There is a Power that no ruler can command; there is a Happiness that no earthly success can bring; there is a Light that no wisdom can possess; there is a Knowledge that no philosophy, no science can master; there is a Bliss of which no satisfaction of desire can give the enjoyment; there is a thirst for Love that no human relation can appease; there is a Peace that one finds nowhere here, not even in death.
 “It is the Power, the Happiness, the Light, the Knowledge, the Bliss, the Love, the Peace that flow from the Divine Grace.”

Mother brought this typed on a slip of paper and remarked: “I have brought this for you. That must be true even in the most material consciousness.”

(Interviews and Conversations with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by Anilbaran Roy)

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pianomonika said...

My first glance fell naturally on the Word Attack and the terrible images of Paris stood in front of my eyes.
I think, that the ''Attack'' of Pondicherry School was in words, bcz Sri Aurobindo said, that a reply to this man is it not worth.
When The MOTHER said:''It is the Power, the Happiness, the Light, the Knowledge, the Bliss, the Love, the Peace that flow from the Divine Grace-''I ask myself, how should we act and how to deal with this knowledge? If we look at our present situation of terror?
Devilish writings do not hurt anyone, but !!!!!!!!!! they are the begin to bodily attacks, which will follow and which they did.
My comparison to today's events in the world may not be properly Sri Aurobindo's writings.