Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sri Aurobindo's Concept of the Mother Force - Dane Rudhyar


Courtesy : Occult Magazine, Vol. 3, Number 2, July 1972


pianomonika said...

Darshan is a term meaning ''auspicious sight '' vision , apparation or glimpse.
It is mostly used theophany, 'manifestation' visions of the divine in Hindu worship.
Moving to hear Mother's explanations.
For us a guide :Full confidence in the Divine's Grace.That is for us the only way.
Mother's words are more relevant than ever, when she says :''In the present condition of the world circumstances are always difficult.
For us it is difficult, to have no desires, to give up receiving ,a reward from the human beings. But Mother told so right,the only reward which is worth getting, is this from the Supreme.
It will take time and we must have patience.

Hugh Higgins said...

It is helpful to read such comments. Yet I feel that the sublime Mystery and Power of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother escapes all human formulations. We "get it" only by reading, studying, Sri Aurobindo's works and the Mother's Agenda--incredible, nonpareil revelations to the human race unprepared for them. Or rather, only a few are willing to be prepared.