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Sri Aurobindo and the Supramental Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo saw that the divine force permeates all matter, and that all matter therefore has a force of consciousness. The process of the divine spirit descending down into matter is called involution. The process by which the divine ascends back upwards out of matter is called evolution. According to Sri Aurobindo, humanity has reached a stage where these two events are occuring simultaneously, and in his inner visions, he foresaw that we would soon be experiencing a descent of what he called “supramental (or monadic) consciousness” that would entirely change everything on Earth…
The great work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was in bringing supramental consciousness down into the cellular consciousness of their own bodies. Since this is a unified consciousness, this meant that the supramental consciousness was simultaneously being brought into the consciousness fields of the Earth, awaiting the moment when it would flower into its full manifestation in collective matter.
Whenever there is a “descent” there is corresponding resistance. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother speak of their experience with the four “Asuras”, essentially anti-divine forces, at work in the world today. There is the Asura of Darkness, the Asura of Suffering, The Asura of Falsehood, and the Asura of Death. These are the forces that are so outwardly apparent, and which seem to be in control of current global events. Interestingly, they spoke of the Asura of Falsehood “channeling” through Hitler during World War II, and of their own intensive inner work in countering his influence. 

With the descent of this new vibratory consciousness all our old obsolete human structures will be demolished. However, Sri Aurobindo emphasized that although the changes will be enormous they would not be necessarily catastrophic. The power of Truth automatically erases Falsehood, and our world for the most part consists of Falsehood. Yet, the Supramental, he maintained, carried a power of harmonization which could overcome this resistance by means other than dramatic struggle and violence. The Asuras will eventually be absorbed into their original emanations of Light, Life, Beauty and Truth. It may be interesting to speculate, with all the violence in the world today, the destruction we might have experienced if not for this power of harmonization!

When does all this happen? Sri Aurobindo and the Mother believed that the world stage was set for this quantum descent, and that it was quite imminent now. The Mother said in 1968 that the supramental transformation was a certainty now, and that it would come about with a minimum of destruction, ‘although this minimum is still considerable’. She said that the year 2000 would be a turning point.

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pianomonika said...

Yes, the divine force permeates all matter, and in Sri Aurobindo's inner visions he foresaw, that the supramental consciousness would change everything on world.
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother had the power, to bring supramental consciousness in the cells of their own bodies.
It was a unified , a simultaneously consciousness, coming on earth.
But the full flower into its full manifestation in collective matter on earth,yes, there is
resistance , essentially anti-divine forces, like Darkness, Death , Suffering , Falsehood are working against.
When Sri Aurobindo said:'''The power of Truth automatically erases Falsehood, and our world for the most part consists of Falsehood. '''Then we can imagine, how difficult it will be ,that the Supramental, which carry a power of harmonization ,will overcome this resistance.
It will be a long ''way'' for the humanity.

A sentence for hope for us:'''Even if it be only a thousandth infinitesimal part of what I carry, it will be sufficient to perpetuate this movement''-a seed of Supramental substance
in the human species.