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Cure of physical diseases by the Lord's intervention

The other thing is about R., who had had an attack of filariasis a few years ago. He had told me about it and it had passed. Then it came back. It came back after some three or four years, very strongly, and he couldn't get rid of it. He wrote to me complaining. I told him there was a "drop in his faith." It appears it was the third time I'd written that to him (I knew nothing about it - I never know either why or how I write things). So he wrote back to ask me, "It's the third time you've told me that, what does it mean?" I explained it to him. But while receiving his letter and explaining it to him, I did what I always do (I always do it, all the time), I put him in contact with the Lord and asked for his intervention.... He got my letter, and today he writes to me that while he was reading it, in the space of about ten minutes, he actually saw (his foot had grown twice as big, his leg was swollen, you know how it is with elephantiasis), he actually saw it shrink and shrink, and in ten or fifteen minutes it was gone! He wrote it to me this morning.... I had told him that the Force was the same, it was his faith that was no longer the same, and that was why the Force no longer had the same effect. And he writes in his letter, "I was simply reading your letter, and it went away before my very eyes!"
And this body, if you ask it, the only thing ... There are two things it's conscious of: a more and more intense adoration in the cells, oh, like this (gesture like a rising flame), and at the same time, such an acute sense of the extent to which the cells are not what they should be, of the unworthiness of their condition. Those two things are constant and constantly together. And that's all. And when I am told of cases like this one, of disease or something else (I am told three, four, five such cases every day, things like that constantly happen - I gave you this one as a very concrete example because it's happened just now and you know R.), the body isn't even aware of being used as an intermediary, because it's too conscious of its infirmity, of what it should be and isn't yet....
              - The Mother               

(Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 9, Page 143) 

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Q. Mother,
I have been asked whether Sri Aurobindo’s followers can or cannot worship Rama, Krishna and the other gods, whether they should perform religious ceremonies or stop them. I replied that we do not have any set rules that each one has to follow. Each one should do what he feels from within. I said that if one is sincere and wants to be a servant of the Lord, he can become one even without knowing the name of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, that Mother will respond to him in the form of Radha or the Virgin Mary or Hanuman.
It all depends on sincerity and faith. We neither ask someone to perform the ceremony nor stop it. What do you say?

Ans. Quite right.
            Love and blessings.   
                                                                                                     - The Mother                    
(CWMCE, Vol. 17, pp. 237-238)

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"The Golden Chain": A Talk by Nolini Kanta Gupta

(This  talk was  addressed  to the students of  “Sri Aurobindo

International Centre of Education
”, Pondicherry.)

     You have been here for many years, for many, many years. From childhood you are here, most of you, perhaps all of you. Some of you are going out, some are likely to stay, some are still undecided. If you are asked, "What have you gained by your long stay here?", I can tell you what you have gained. It is not any outward thing nor any of the things that you have learned at school, the knowledge that you have gained here; it is not that, but something else. Be sure of that. You yourselves don't know perhaps, but that thing is there within you. You have not passed your time in vain here—you have the Mother's touch.

     Mother said many many times, "Whoever gets my touch, whoever has a second of true aspiration, of true love for me, he is finished for this life, for all lives—he is bound to me. I have put a golden chain round his neck; his heart is bound eternally to me."

     It is a thing nobody can see; you yourselves don't see it, but it is a fact, it is there. The golden chain is there within your heart. Wherever you go, you drag that chain; it is a lengthening chain. However far you may go, it is an elastic chain, it goes on lengthening but never snaps. In hours of difficulty, in hours of doubt and confusion in your life, you have that within you to support you. If you are conscious of it, so much the better; if you are not conscious, believe that it is there. The Mother's love, her presence is there always.

     That is the thing I wanted to tell you.

     In the Upanishads there is a story. Once Narada—I suppose it is Narada—went to a Rishi to get initiation. The Rishi asked him, "What have you learned? What have you learned in your life as a student now that you come to me?" Narada began to narrate all the Vidyas that he had learned during his education as a Brahmachari—all the Shastras, even Dhanurvidya, all kinds of learnings. Then the Rishi said, "All that is Apara Vidya, the inferior knowledge. Do you know Brahman?" "No sir, I do not know." "That is the thing to be known. Once that one thing is known, everything else is known."

     So I tell you, that one thing needful you have acquired; you have not to attempt to get it. You are fortunate, you are lucky. We are all very lucky; Mother called us here and she has given it out of her own love, her infinite love, unasked, unconditionally. Whatever you are in your outward character and activities, that is not affected at all by the outer nature; it remains as it is, pure, unsullied.

     Some of you were present at my talk on Dante. I spoke of Dante's vision; it is a wonderful vision—the vision of the mission of the Divine Mother.

     Dante saw a globe of light in front of him. As he was standing before the Divine Trinity in the Empyrean, suddenly he saw revealed to him a luminous globe and, within that luminous globe, he saw a light circling, moving. And as he gazed into that circling light, as if its reflection, its reflected image, he saw himself. He saw himself in that circling light—himself not as he saw himself, but as the circling divine light saw him—its own image. "I was there in the image as conceived by Him, not as conceived by me."

     In our language we can say that the luminous globe was the supreme Divine, and then within it was the whirling circling light—that was the Creative Power, the Divine Mother in Her creative mood. And within that, "I was there as Her child, in my true reality, not as I see myself but as She sees me; in that image I saw myself."

     Dante says that it was an experience as if he was looking into an Eye, a big ball of Eye; and in that Eye he saw reflected his image as the Divine sees him, not "as I see myself, but my true self". I say that this is the Image the Mother has left to you, within you. However much you may try, you cannot lose it; it will be there, till its fruition. Whenever you feel discouraged—-naturally when you look at the world and its happenings, you feel very much distressed, disgusted—remember that there is another reality behind: it is the Mother's Presence that redeems all that. In any mood of depression, dejection, difficulty, always know that it is there in you to support you, to bring you peace and strength, and it is never failing. So many times she has said: "Everything else fails in this world; I will never fail you."
  - Nolini Kanta Gupta                                                              (October 26, 1976) 

(“The Mother Abides”,  pp. 73-75)





Hugh Higgins said...

The Agenda has seemingly endless treasures. This one is inspiring and helpful.

Marie Margaret said...

Bonsoir Jitendra,
je t'écris ce soir car je viens de lire et de voir ce que tu as mis sur Blogger. Cela m'a donné matière à réflexion,surtout en ce qui concerne La MÈRE.Je n'ai pas compris le texte,la traduction était trop mauvaise et tout -a-fait incompréhensible,mais j'ai été frappée par le portrait de LA MÈRE à l'intérieur de notre globe terrestre.Il y là pour moi toute une symbolique.
D'abord la MÈRE et la terre ne font qu'un. J'en conclurai que pour toi,la MÈRE est (ou sera) la maîtresse de la terre ou qu'un Principe féminin est à l'origine de notre terre et au plus large du Cosmos. J'avais déjà écrit en 1995 que Dieu est une femme.Moi-même je m'étais dit que cela était une hérésie auprès des religions monothéistes.J'ai décris comment s' était produit le Big Bang et qu'elle avait été son origine.J'ai laissé plusieurs copies de ma démonstration chez les différents psychiatres qui m'ont suivi ,je ne la referai pas ici se serait trop long et de toute façon tout sera révélé quand le moment sera voulu.Tout cela pour te dire qu'à l'origine de la Création il y a un Principe à la fois masculin et féminin le tout étant indissociable et indissocié .
Je ne nie pas que l'univers pour le moment soit dirigé par le principe Masculin plus que Féminin et encore personne n'a été y voir,ni même le Saint-Père. Quand je vois la MÈRE au milieu du globe ,je me dit qu'aux Indes la croyance serait plutôt de croire qu'un Principe féminin serait à l'origine du monde. En tous les cas,si je suis réellement la Réincarnation de la Mère,C'est bien moi qui régnerai
dans le monde à venir,si j'ai bien analysé la photo.
Quand à toi ,pour moi, tu serais la Réincarnation de Sri Aurobindo qui lui lui même aurait en Lui l'esprit du Tout-Puissant. ( tout est au conditionnel ) Ce serait ta croyance.
Il faudrait faire un rapprochement entre Marie la Mère de Dieu et La MÈRE mais je ne le ferai pas ce soir,j'y ai déjà réfléchi,je ne manquerai pas de t'en faire part.
Je te laisse pour ce soir. Je te souhaite une excellente soirée et te transmets toutes mes amitiés.
-- Marie Margaret.

pianomonika said...

First for all I want to say:
''Filariasis is a parasitic disease by an infection with roundworms of the Filarioidea type.These are spread by black-feeding files and mosquitos.''
There is self -healing in the body by strong faith.
And Mother told , to believe in the Almighty and the sick one did it and got cured.
But it is also to say: Even when the faith is infinitely strong, not ever is a curing possible.

pianomonika said...

We all have in life difficult times, and it is for us such a great joy and also help, that ''The Mother'' is associated with us, we only have to call her.
No matter, where we are, sending a message to 'The Mother''this communication will work.
Maa bless us all.

pianomonika said...

It is overwhelming to read the words of the MOTHER and to believe it:''Whoever gets my touch,
whoever has a second of true aspiration of true love for me ,he is finished for his life
for all lives-he is bound to me.I have put a golden chain round his neck.''
We are living in a world with many wars, with misery and great problems,but we should not desperate, bcz Mother's touch is there.Her love is in us; if we are conscious, it will be more better, but if not, we can be sure, that Mother's Love , her presence is always in us.
MOTHER will support us , to bring us inner peace.

Her sentence :''Everything else fails in this world; I will never fail you.''
A promise for our life--Our hearts should not have fear, we are never alone !