Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sri Aurobindo in the Subtle Physical Plane

Courtesy : "Blessings of the Grace" by Mona Sarkar, pp. 127-

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pianomonika said...

After Hindu conception of man is in his innermost being an immortal soul (Atman), which after the death of the body in a newly-emergent essence - a man, an animal, or even a god (Deva) - embodies again.
Sri Aurobindo promised to come back in the First Supramental body.
For us is it not easy to understand;The evolution will take time.And we should not think ,that the appearance of Sri Aurobindo will be the same as before.

Our world must come up on the
Mental to an even higher principle, our dedication to the Divine must be done.
In the Christian Religion the body is not reborn.Only the soul is immortal.

pianomonika said...

For all Devotees of Sri Aurobindo
I want to recommand
his Magnum Opus :''The Life Divine''

Also this book is to get in German language:'' Das goettliche Leben''
publishing house: kinder + deelmann