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Supramental Force, Cellular Consciousness, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother


Due to very active Supramental Force, all falsehoods/ false Saints are getting exposed these days. In Yoga also, people are getting stunning results in a very short time. As the Mother explained, nowadays people can get their own contact with the Divine directly, without having to go through the Vital or the Mental levels as was the case before. Who can help the spiritual seekers who still cling to the old traditional methods? Who can make them aware of what is happening in the mind and consciousness of the cells of our physical body? Here are a few extracts:

The manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more

a promise but a living fact, a reality.

It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind,

the most unconscious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged

to recognize it.

                                                                                        - The Mother

(Mother's  Agenda , Vol. 1 , Page 75)

All the government members (the central government - I don't mean the whole country, but the center), all the government members are ... (what should I say?) I might almost say "apprentice disciples of Sri Aurobindo," with a great goodwill to serve.
And everywhere, everywhere in the world, the signs of a CONSCIOUS goodwill awakening.
That's what Sri Aurobindo once said to me. What he saw was that the supramental Force would have enough influence on the various governments of the earth, of the nations, to permit hope for a harmony.
If that's how it is, it's something.
We'll see.
            -  The Mother
(Mother's Agenda, Volume 8 ,  6th May 1967, pp. 137-38)

“I made the descent of the supramental possible. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here ... I can’t spend my time uselessly, I have many important things to do in other worlds; but because my presence helps, I am still here, otherwise I would have left already.”

                                                                                               - The Mother

The inner indications to the secret of transformation The Mother had come to know earlier, in 1952: For the transformation of the body “it is necessary that, for at least one individual if not more, fulfilling the required conditions of harmony, strength, sincerity, endurance, unselfishness and poise in the physical, this body in which the divine incarnates should be not only the most important thing, but even the thing exclusively important, more important than the divine work itself, or rather that this body should become the symbol and the concentration of the divine work upon earth.”

                         - The Mother                                                                                                                                           

“The cells of the body are becoming something conscious, wholly conscious.”
“A consciousness that is independent, not depending at all upon the vital or the mental consciousness: it is a bodily consciousness…”
“But since it is happening in one body, it can happen in all bodies! I am not made of something different from the others.”

                                                                                                - The Mother

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Mother's Agenda

Recorded by Satprem, a disciple of the Mother, in the course of numerous personal conversations with her, Mother's Agenda is the complete logbook of her exploration in the cellular consciousness of the human body. It covers 23 years of experiences which parallel some of the most recent theories of modern physics, and are perhaps the key to man's passage to the next species.



This 6,OOO-page work in 13 volumes represents the day-to-day account over 22 years of Mother's exploration into the body consciousness and her discovery of a "cellular mind", capable of restructuring the nature of the body and the laws of the species as drastically as, one day, the first stammerings of a "thinking mind" transformed the nature of the ape. It is a timely document of experimental evolution, involving a revolution in consciousness that alters the laws of the species. Whatever the appearances, we are not at the end of a civilisation but at the end of an evolutionary cycle. Are we going to find the passage to the next species, or perish? As scrupulously as a scientist in his laboratory, Mother goes back to the origin of matter's formation, to the primordial code, and there, 'by chance', stumbles upon the mechanism of death - upon the very power that changes death - and upon a 'new' Energy which curiously parallels the most recent theories on the subatomic nature of Matter. The key to Matter contains the key to death ... as well as the key to the next species.

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28 August 1968
  Mother : I took down notes, they are not worth much, but I believe they may be useful. (Mother looks for the notes on a table near her.) I still do not see. I do not see, only I know.
The vital and the mental are sent away so that the physical is truly left to its own resources.''
All by itself. All by itself¹. And it was then that I found out to what extent the vital and the mental make what we see and hear and speak. It was... I could see, in the sense that I could move, but it was all very imprecise. Imprecise. I could hear even less than before, that is to say, very little, just a little; sometimes the same as before; sometimes just a little sound, very far away, which others could not hear, I heard. And when they spoke to me, I did not hear them: “What do you say?'' I do not know. And that continuously, day and night.
       One night (it is to tell you that everything was topsy-turvy), but one night I had trouble. Something had happened and I had a pretty severe pain and it was impossible to sleep. I remained concentrated in that condition and the night passed, it seemed to me, in a few minutes. Then at other times, on other days, at other moments, I remained concentrated, and from time to time I asked what time it was. Once it seemed to me that I had remained so for hours and hours, and I asked for the time: five minutes only.... So everything seemed to be, I cannot say topsy-turvy, but it was a very different order, very different.
 On the 23rd, it was the birthday of X. I had called him and he was seated. All at once, yes, all at once the head began to be active – not the “head'', not “thought'' (Mother shows some kind of currents and waves passing through her); I do not know how to explain it: it was not a thought, they were a sort of visions, perceptions. And then I put to him some questions and he took them down. (Mother hands to the disciple a typed note.) He has noted down only my questions, not his answers.

(Mother said on the afternoon of 23rd August 1968:
               “Do they know how Matter was formed?'')

It was the physical that put the questions. I do not know, but probably in contact with the atmosphere of X² the body became interested in knowing how all that was formed. And X was there, I knew he could answer; so I put to him the questions.

“Do they know how Matter was formed?
“To say that it is condensed energy is merely to
 push back the question.
“The true question is: How did the Supreme man-
age to manifest  Himself in Matter?''

You see, these subjects that are considered so important, so  vast, so noble, so... I speak of them in an altogether childlike tone and with quite ordinary words (Mother laughs).

“Do they know since when the earth has existed?
“When you speak of millions and millions of
 years, what does that mean?''
 They had no watches, you understand! It was the body, with the simplicity of a child, which said: “You speak of millions and millions of years; with what have you measured?''
 “Are they sure that what we call one year has always
 represented the same thing?... I had, in this period,
the consciousness of the unreality of our normal con-
ception of time. Sometimes one minute seemed inter-
minable; at other times, hours, even a whole day
 passed without seeming to have existed.
“Do they say there was a beginning?''

(Here X explains to Mother the theory according to
which the universe passes through successive periods
of expansion and contraction, and this theory seems
to please Mother.)

Yes, they are the pralayas.

Now it is the body that is putting these questions.
The mind has left long ago. But the body, the cells
 of the body would like to have contact with the true
 being, without having to pass, so to say, through the
 vital or even through the mind. That is what is hap-

“During this period I have had two or three times

                the Knowledge.” 

Ah! I have had moments, twice or thrice, absolutely wonderful and unique

moments – they are untranslatable, untranslatable.

(¹ A few days later, Mother added: “The vital and the mental have left, but the psychic being has not left at all. It is the intermediaries that have left. For example, the contact with people (the contact with people who are present and even with those who are not here), the relation with them has remained the same, absolutely the same. It is even more constant.”)
² X was a scientist. )
                                                                                                        - The Mother

                       (CWMCE, Vol. 11, pp. 117- 121)

*                                                        *                                                              * 

Some months ago, when this body had once again become a battlefield and was confronting all the obstacles, when it was suspended, asking itself whether ... it wasn't wondering intellectually, but asking for a kind of perception, wanting to touch something: it wondered which direction it was taking, which way things were going to tilt. And suddenly, in all the cells, there was this feeling (and I know where it came from): 'If we are dissolved out of this amalgam, if this assemblage is dissolved and can no longer go on, then we shall all go straight, straight as an arrow' - and it was like a marvelous flame - 'straight to rejoin Sri Aurobindo in his supramental world, which is right here at our door.' And there was such joy! Such enthusiasm, such joy flooded all the cells! They didn't care at all whether or not they would be dissociated.... 'Oh,' they felt, 'so what!'
This was truly a decisive stage in the work of illuminating the body.
All the cells felt far more powerful than that stupid force trying to dissolve them; what is called 'death, left them entirely indifferent: 'What do we care? We shall go THERE and consciously participate in Sri Aurobindo's work, in the transformation of the world, one way or the other - here, there, like this, like that - what does it matter!'
          -    The Mother
(Mother's Agenda, Vol. 2, Page 263)

*                                                      *                                                           * 
One sometimes even goes to a great deal of trouble to explain things

to Him: "It's this way, You see, that's how it is." And when you're

finished, you realize.... Oh, that reminds me of an experience I had one

night two years ago. It was the first time the Supermind entered the

cells of my body, and it had risen up to the brain. So the brain found

itself in the presence of something 
(laughing) considerably more

powerful than it was used to receiving! And, like the idiot it is, it got

worried. As for me (gesture above or beyond), I saw it all, I saw that the

brain was getting worried, so I tried to tell it what a nitwit it 
was and to

just keep still. It did keep still, but ... you know, it was really seething

away in there, as if it were about to explode. So I said, "All right now,

let's go see Sri Aurobindo and ask him what to do." Immediately

everything became utterly calm ... and I woke up in Sri Aurobindo's

house in the subtle physical - a very material sensation, with

everything  quite concrete. So I arrived, or rather not I but the body-

consciousness arrived

[[It is quite remarkable that it was the 
body-consciousness that discovered - nine years after his passing - Sri Aurobindo's abode (experience of July 24-25, 1959). The world where Mother went is thus a material world, not an "inner" world. The other Matter, the true Matter? We recall that in her very last Playground class, on November 28, 1958, Mother said: "Through each individual formation, physical substance progresses, and one day it will be able to build a bridge between physical life as we know it and the supramental life that is to manifest." ]]
and started explaining to Sri Aurobindo what had happened - it was very excited, talking and talking. The response was a sort of inscrutable smile and then ... nothing. He simply looked. An inscrutable smile - not a word. All the excitement died away. A face out of eternity. The excitement died away. Then it was time for Sri Aurobindo's lunch (people eat there - in another way). So as not to disturb him, I went into the next room. He came in after some time and stood before me (I - my physical being, that is, my physical consciousness - had had time to calm down). I knelt down and took his hand (a MUCH clearer sensation than anything physical, mon petit!); I kissed his hand. He simply said, 
"Oh! This is better. " (Mother laughs.)
                                                                                       - The Mother

(Mother's Agenda, Vol. 3 , pp. 378-79)

*                                                     *                                                        

                                 The body-mind

(Mother prepares to read a letter of Sri Aurobindo in the original


     And there is too an obscure mind of the body, of the very cells, molecules, corpuscles. Haeckel, the German materialist, spoke somewhere of the will in the atom, and recent science, dealing with the incalculable individual variation in the activity of the electrons, comes near to perceiving that this is not a figure but the shadow thrown by a secret reality. This body-mind is a very tangible truth; owing to its obscurity and mechanical clinging to past movements and facile oblivion and rejection of the new, we find in it one of the chief obstacles to permeation by the supermind Force and the transformation of the functioning of the body. On the other hand, once effectively converted, it will be one of the most precious instruments for the stabilisation of the supramental Light and Force in material Nature.
It corresponds exactly to my own experience.
It is this mind of the cells which seizes upon a mantra or a japa and eventually repeats it automatically, and with what persistence! That is to say, CONTINUALLY. That's what Sri Aurobindo means when he says it can be a help: it keeps at things indefinitely (Mother clenches her fist in an unwavering gesture).
A few days ago, at the end of an activity or a situation which demanded an effort, almost a struggle, I heard (it's odd), I heard the cells repeat my mantra! It was like a choir in which each cell  was repeating the mantra, automatically.... "Well, this is odd!" I thought. And it was just after that, the next day and the day after, that someone showed me this letter.
It is astonishingly true.
I heard it - I heard THE CELLS repeating the mantra. Automatically, in the difficulty (there was a difficulty), they were repeating the mantra. Like a choir, an immense choir in a church, it was very odd. As if there were lots of little voices, innumerable little voices repeating and repeating the same sound. It gave me the impression of a church choir, but with lots and lots and lots of choirboys - tiny little voices. Yet the sound was very clear, I was dumbfounded: very clear. The sound of the mantra.
But is this the mind the Tantrics use? For instance, when you speak of the "deep blue light" in the physical mind, is it the same cellular mind?
I don't think so.
Because it's also through japa, mantras, the awakening of the physical consciousness, that the Tantric power operates.
I think their power comes from a higher layer [higher than the cellular mind]. Because their action is very cerebral: its effect is always here (gesture at the forehead and temples), it takes you here (same gesture) - it's even painful!
It's cerebral.
(Mother's Agenda , Vol. 4, pp. 159-160)                                                                                                                   ___________________________________________________________
What does ‘Cellular Consciousness’ Mean

For YOUR Life?

by Bhaga
  “It’s all well and good”, some of you may think, “to post these great quotes from ‘Mother’s Agenda’ etc. speaking about ‘Cellular Consciousness’ and all that stuff. But what does it all mean to ME, to MY life?… Nothing at all!…”
If you do think that, dear visitor reading this, then you’re unwittingly making a big mistake – for the mere fact that your body-cells have a consciousness of their own has very practical and very profound consequences that could change your daily life, for the better – even if you are not on any spiritual path yet, let alone on Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s path of  ‘Integral Yoga’.
The fact of Cellular Consciousness, if you explore it further, could lead you to a whole new relationship to your body, that in turn could change your relationship to yourself as a whole person, including your own deeper consciousness – the You of you.
During the workshops I have been giving for many years on this topic, twice  a person among the participants – both times a lady – told me that what I was explaining and making them discover should be taught also to children, straight in school, so important they felt it would be to know all this and use it in one’s daily life since an early age.
In the future for sure it will be taught indeed to children first of all, so that they can grow up already with this knowledge and with the different worldview and way of life it gives, which is so much more complete than the present usual worldview, particularly in the societies of the West.
And do you know what? Besides yourself, there are some other people who will be much happier too if you start including your body-cells in your life.
A lot of other people: the billions of cells that all together make up your body!!!
Yes, that’s right, they too are people in their own way, and ought to be recognized as such.
Not only they make up your body anew in a regular manner, they also make it work for you all the time, day and night, even while you sleep; and yet, like everybody else, you ignore those cells completely, you never have a thought for them, you don’t even remember they exist, and you have no idea that they too are conscious people, just like you, only much smaller, as their life is on a microscopic scale as compared to a full human being scale.
And do you think cell size is small?…
What about the still much smaller elements that make up those cells’ own microscopic bodies? What about the molecules and, still smaller, the atoms and particules of all kinds that make up the molecules?!…
Well, all the way down, you will find consciousness, some amount of consciousness, however obscured and half-asleep it might be.
Compared to the infinitesimal particules down at the end of the ladder, your cells are as gigantic as your body is, compared to each of its cells. It’s all a question of scale only, otherwise there is no essential difference.
But let’s go simply to the next level down, to start with: you never knew your cells had a consciousness of their own, did you?
It might take a little while for that to really get registered in your own individual consciousness, but it will, and one day it will seem totally natural and normal to you that your body-cells too have their own consciousness just as you do.
The problem is, as long as you, for whom they work constantly, do not acknowledge at all their work, nor even their existence as beings in their own right, that means your cells are working for you as slaves would. Do you realize that?… Since the moment you were born in that physical body, all those body-cells have been working for you like slaves would. Isn’t it time you gave back a little something to them? Some recognition at least? Some gratitude even, perhaps?
If you were to start at last doing just that, imagine how their life would change…
Of course they still would have to work, for the work they all do, whatever it is for each of them, simply needs to be done  for your body to keep functioning the way it should, and so for you to be able to live your life normally.
But what a difference when your work is being acknowledged and appreciated! When you work for a boss who cares for you, what a difference!… From head to toes, all the cells in your body would start feeling happier. They would do their work smilingly, and with much more enthusiasm.
The person down there on the picture has begun thinking of her body and its cells. You see only her feet, but from the nice little drawings on all the toes you can see she wants those toes to be happy, the cells in there to be smiling.
That’s quite a good start indeed!  But you can learn to do much better than that: you can learn to really go there inside your toes with your own consciousness, and to feel how your cells there really feel at any given time.
And you can learn a lot more.
So… Getting interested?
I want to try for the first time to give my ‘Cellular Consciousness’ Workshop directly by email to the individuals who will  message their names and email addresses to me on my Facebook Page, or in a ‘Comment’ after this post on my Blog.
Yes, it will be entirely for free!… Not only this first little introduction, but the entire Course will be free of charge – only on the condition that you will not pass it on to other people, but direct them to me for getting it – again for free, always. I will communicate directly with each of the persons interested, and follow on the progress of each one.
I want this knowledge to be shared, to spread to the whole world, but in the right way, under the direction of someone like me who has the needed personal experience of how to do it properly, and in respect and gratitude for those two great Pioneers of Conscious Evolution, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, to whom I owe literally all that I can transmit today thanks to their own tremendous Work for Humanity and for the Earth.
What are your toes saying to this proposal of mine? Do you feel them already starting to smile, just by thinking of this workshop that will introduce them to you at last, and change their life?…
Keep smiling, little (or big) toes… Your time of Happiness has come!

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  1. Bhaga, please include me in your workshop emails/list….you already have my email….thank you and best wishes!
    • Welcome, welcome… Although in your case I don’t know what you will learn, you have gone through it all already, and it’s already very much part of your life! But as you wish: I put you on the list all right!…
  2. and please include me as well!
  3. Bonjour, Bhaga ! Please include me in your Workshop e-mail list.
    Jitendra Sharma
  4. Cela m’intéresse aussi (en français), si ce n’est pas trop tard.
    • Bonjour, Fabienne!
      C’est vrai que c’est un peu tard, mais de toutes facons cette fois-ci c’est en Anglais. Cependant dans quelque temps (un a deux mois je pense) je le ferai en Francais aussi. Je garde votre nom et adresse email pour vous prevenir.
    • Entre=temps, Fabienne, vous pourriez deja lire ceux de mes articles qui son ten Francais, en prticulier ceux justement qui sont entre autressur la Conscience Cellulaire…
    • Each person is at a different stage of evolution. For a few true followers of
      the Mother, the ‘Cellular Consciousness’ means everything. For others, it
      means nothing. Chacun a son avis personnel, je crois.
      • You are right to a large extent, Jitendra, for sure.
        But there is also to be taken into account each individual’s own complex make-up, in which some part for whatever reason might be readier than the other parts. In some people it might very well be the body and its cells that already need the Divine most, whether the mind of the individual is even aware of it or not.
        Whatever part is readier in someone, the Psychic Being will start doing its work there first. The cells don’t any more have to be the last part of our being to turn towards the Divine. As Mother explained, nowadays they can get their own contact with the Divine directly, without having to go through the Vital or the Mental as was the case before.
      • Hi Bhaga:
        I wonder if this is too fine a distinction.
        (given the general rule aginst talking too much of one’s personal experience, I’m just making this up as a hypothetical) Let’s say I have some contact with my psychic, but it is intermittent. I have a very strong connection to my physical consciousness, and an aspiration to awaken the cellular consciousness.
        In doing these exercises, am I not at least minimally making use of attention (the buddhi)? at the very least, in the initial reading, and in the initial “attending” to the body, isn’t the (silent, nonverbal) buddhi participating at least minimally?
      • Dear Bhaga,
        You had written:
        “As Mother explained, nowadays they can get their own contact with the Divine directly, without having to go through the Vital or the Mental as was the case before.”
        I found a Reference in the Mother’s conversation of 13 March
        1968. Is there any other Reference ?
        On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 5:37 PM, Lab of Evolution wrote:
        > donsalmon commented: “Hi Bhaga: I wonder if this is too fine a > distinction. (given the general rule aginst talking too much of one’s > personal experience, I’m just making this up as a hypothetical) Let’s say I > have some contact with my psychic, but it is intermittent. I h” >
  5. Oui, je vais lire ces articles. Merci et à bientôt.
  6. To Don Salmon:
    I would say it is better not to go into these distintions here, as the only thing needed is simply to direct your attention towards your body and its cells – which is NOT the same as to THINK OF them.
    Let’s say our consciousness focuses itself just inside the body, that’s all. The important thing is to be aware again of the body, and to remain aware of it as constantly as one can, instead of our consciousness going up most of the time into the mind. and its endless chatter.
    • Hmm, perhaps for these classes, I can see.
      But just be clear, i’m not speaking of chatter. What I’m referring to is a completely non verbal, silent awareness. When our consciuosness focuses inside the body, it is possible ot “feel” (not “think”, in the way you are perhaps using the word) quite distinctly (if one may use the word ‘distinctly”!:>)) “where” the (silent, non verbal ,non chattering) consciousess is coming from.
      if from the psychic, or the Self, wonderful. But it seems to me sincerity requires we see clearly, and for most of us, much fo the time, that will be an inner silent attention from the manomaya purusha, what Sri Aurobindo translates as “the mental being” – again, no chatter, no “thinking’, simply non verbal, quiet, still, silent, tranquil, Consciousness.
      • I am sorry that the material already sent to you has sparked in you this kind of questions, distracting you at once from your pressing work at hand – the very thing to be avoided!
        I’ll keep my answer to you for when you will be able to really do the workshop. Now, you will agree with me, is not the time to speak of all that.
        And not the place either, I would say: the comments put here are not quite meant for communication with me about the contents of a workshop, which should rather be done through email or Skype.
        On second thought, dear Don, I don’t want to leave you on such a cruel ‘cliffhanger’ now, so if you don’t mind I’ll answer you by email.
  7. To Jitendra, aurofrance:
    Congratulations for finding already this one!
    There are plenty more such passages where Mother mentions that. ‘Mother’s Agenda’ is full of them, for what it reveals is the realized Possibility of the ‘Yoga of the Cells’, that is done by the cells themselves.
    I’ll say more about that in my last email message to all the participants of my first online Cellular Consciousness Workshop… of which you too were part, dear Jitendra, so you will get it as well! :-)


pianomonika said...

The Mother said in these writings a core set, which explains essentials. '' Through each individual formation,physical substance progresses, and one day it will be able to build a bridge between physical life as we know it and the supramental life that is to manifest.''

pianomonika said...

To Bhaga :I have read your remarks with great interest.
I just want to say from a medical perspective :We have no influence on our body cells.
The processes in our body runs automatically.
How different it would be to explain
that humans get cancer?
I think, another kind of human maybe exist once a day.

Jitendra Sharma said...

“You’re connected to the generations through DNA — and, even farther back, to the universe, because every cell in your body was cooked in the hearts of stars. We are star stuff, my dad famously said, and he made me feel that way.”

— Sasha Sagan

Anonymous said...

To pianomonika: If you don't mind, I'll reply directly to each statement you are making in your comment:
"I just want to say from a medical perspective: We have no influence on our body cells".
- This is not quite correct; even from a medical perspective, there is nowadays such a science as 'Epigenetics', studying the very real effects we have on our genes. And even before that, the very existence of diseases called "psychosomatic" proves that our psychological processes do influence our bodies.

"The processes in our body runs automatically".
- This is such an extreme view that it is by now quite outdated.

"How different it would be to explain
that humans get cancer?"
- Well, ironically cancer itself is more and more seen as one of the major psychosomatic diseases, as it shows itself to be as often caused by psychological trauma as by external factors of supposedly carcinogenic nature!
And many people have been able to go into indefinite "remission" by the inner influence they managed to have on their immune cells, making them destroy the cancerous cells more effectively, with the help of biofeedback devices or not.

pianomonika said...

To Bagha: I admit, there are spontaneous cures for cancer.But docs did not find any reason, why this happened.People were asked, what they did change since the knowledge of their illness, and most said: nothing.
Is it not simple and only fate, that this person get cancer and the other not?
I worked some monthes in the radiotherapy, I saw people with hope, with brave heart, feeling fighting against the cancer, and no success.
One example I want give: As young girl I visited with my parents an uncle, strong vegetarian, only living very healthy, avoid alcohol,not even 1 glass sometimes for a meal, and he died early.
Some of us get strong health, we say in popularly: good genes, and some not..
But I do not want''ride'' here on cancer, I think, you are right, that there are in us cells, which carry a consciousness. which flooded our body with joy.The inner readiness must be there,listening into the body.