Friday, May 30, 2014

Sri Aurobindo on the Mother's Powers



What people mean by the formless svarūpa of the Mother, ― they mean usually her universal aspect.  It is when she is experienced as a universal Existence and Power spread through the universe in which and by which all live.  When one feels that Presence one begins to feel a universal peace, light, power, bliss without limits ― that is her svarūpa.  One meets this more often by rising in consciousness above the head where one is liberated from this limited body consciousness and feels oneself also as something wide, calm, one self with all beings ― free from passion and disturbance in an eternal peace.  But it can be felt through the heart also ― then the heart too feels itself wide as the world, pure and blissful, filled with the Mother's presence.
There is also the Mother's personal and individual presence in the heart which brings immediately love and Bhakti and the sense of a close intimacy and personal oneness.
                                                                                              - Sri Aurobindo

                                                                                (SABCL, Vol. 25, Page 70)


Q:  What is the difference in the form of expression or realisation between the Vibhutis of the Ishwara and the Vibhutis of the Mother ?
A:  The Mother's Vibhutis would usually be feminine personalities most of whom would be dominated by one of the four personalities of the Mother.  The others you mention  (Christ, Buddha, Chaitanya, Napoleon, Caesar, etc.)  would be personalities and powers of the Ishwara, but in them also, as in all, the Mother's force would act.  All creation and transformation is the work of the Mother. 
*                                                         *                                                         *

Q: Since all creation is her work, can it be taken that it is the personalities of the Mother who, behind the veil, prepare the conditions for the descent of the Avatar or Vibhutis ?
A:  If you mean the divine Personalities of the Mother ― the answer is yes.  It may even be said that each Vibhuti draws his energies from the Four, from one of them predominantly in most cases, as Napoleon from Mahakali, Rama from Mahalakshmi, Augustus Caesar from Mahasaraswati.
                                                                                             - Sri Aurobindo

                                                                               (SABCL, Vol. 25, Page 78)

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