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Transformation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's Body Cells


Q. I asked myself a question about Sri Aurobindo. I wanted to know at what point he had arrived when he passed away – at what point of transformation. What difference in the work, for example, is there between what you are doing now and what he was doing at that time?

Ans. He had gathered in his body a great amount of supramental force and as soon as he left ... You see, he was lying on his bed, I stood by his side, and in a way altogether concrete – concrete with such a strong sensation as to make one think that it could be seen – all this supramental force which was in him passed from his body into mine. And I felt the friction of the passage. It was extraordinary – extraordinary. It was an extraordinary experience. For a long time, a long time like that (Mother indicates the passing of the Force into her body). I was standing beside his bed, and that continued.
Almost a sensation – it was a material sensation.
For a long time.
That is all I know.

                                                                                            - The Mother

(Collected Works of the Mother, Vol. 11, p. 328)

*                               *                                 *

                                                                        - The Mother                                                                                          (The Supreme by Mona Sarkar, pp. 54-56) 

*                                *                                   *

An impatient cleansing is taking place in earth’s consciousness, and it is this which is felt as the great supramental deluge. But out of this, the true earth and the real man shall be reborn. There shall be the reversal of conditions here, on the earth. Surely: “It would seem to be the onrush of the new species, the new creation, or at any rate a new creation.…How long will it take to reach a concrete, visible and organized realization? I don’t know.” (Mother’s Agenda, Institut de Recherches Évolutives, Paris, 1995, p. 227 [translation])

*                              *                              *

In fact that is what the Mother had asked the Lord when she had completed the task of bringing down the supramental light:

My Lord, what Thou hast wanted me to do I have done. The gates of the Supramental have been thrown open and the Supramental Consciousness, Light and Force are flooding the earth … Now that the supramental is there — for of that I am absolutely certain even if I am the only one upon earth to be aware of it — is it that the mission of this form is ended and that another form is to take up the work in its place?
(CWM 13, pp. 57–58)

Then the Mother gets a reply from the Lord: If you cannot do it, no other body upon earth can do it. (CWM 13, p. 57)

The Mother did it for seventeen years:

It is a delightful work I am engaged in, constantly, night and day … I take up one cell (Mother makes a gesture with Her fingers), it is a very small cell, like this, microscopic, which one cannot see with the naked eye, but I possess that power and that vision. Like this, I take up one tiny little cell and I open it to the transforming light of the Divine Consciousness … These cells vibrate and radiate with a resplendent consciousness. The ones that are ready, I collect them and keep them aside and I observe the difference between those that are ready and the ones that I have not touched; … In the old cells … there is only a faint glow, a spark of the Divine, whereas in the cells that are charged with the Supramental Consciousness, there is the perception of the Ananda of the soul, the soul of Matter which is awakening after thousands of years from its torpor of inconscience.
(Mona Sarkar, The Supreme, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 2001, pp. 41–42)

*                                *                                *

… Yet, there remains a problem which must be solved. How all this work that I have done on my body … this work of transformation of matter, (gesture) even of this body … how to perpetuate this movement in the terrestrial existence so that the nucleus of a new race can take root?
(Mona Sarkar, The Supreme, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 2001, p. 52)

How could we (if at all) be useful in this process of rooting the new race? Is it possible at all? Perhaps if we think and ponder over all the concepts and ideas about the Supermind, we will get confused and may even abandon the idea of collaborating in this grand attempt. So, the Mother advised:

Leave everything to me and abandon yourself in the current and you shall be guided. It is evident that the purpose of my descending here on earth, for the transformation of the body and eventually of the earth, by the transforming action of the Supramental, would be accomplished …
(Mona Sarkar, The Supreme, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 2001, p. 53) 

 *                               *                                *

When in your heart and thought you will make no difference between Sri Aurobindo and me, when to think of Sri Aurobindo will be to think of me and to think of me will mean to think of Sri Aurobindo inevitably, when to see one will mean inevitably to see other, like one and same Person, — then you will know that you begin to be open to the supramental force and consciousness. (CWM 13, p. 32)

                                                                           - The Mother 


pianomonika said...

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother were long time together in Pondicherry Ashram.Both strove to higher consciousness and Sri Aurobindo wrote Savitri,wrote about Meditation and transformation ,the Supramental Force.
When He passed away, all this supramental force ,which was in Him,
passed in the body of the Mother.
For us it is not easy to understand,but the Mother explained it in words, which make us able to understand.She said:'' When in your heart and thought you will make no difference between Sri Aurobindo and me, when to think of Sri Aurobindo will be to think of me and to think of me will mean to think of Sri Aurobindo inevitably, and when to see ONE will mean inevitably to see other, like one and same
Person.That is the point you will know that you begin to be open to the supramental force and consciousness.''
Mother told, that she had not will of her own,she had abdicated all to the Lord.
It is the Lord who chooses and decides.
For the Lord time has no importance .Mother gave all responsibilities to HIM.

Rajasekhar said...

One should understand that the mataphysical experiences cannot be explained in human languages. Perhaps Sanskrit is one language in which, words carry multiple meanings and the meanings change as the persons intellect gets upgraded. Words like Dharma, Jnan, moksha etc have such deep explanations that volumes of comentaries can be given.In fact entire hindu scriptures are in aphorisms and it is impossible to understand the true meanings by any literate person.Unless one has GURUS blessings this knowledge cannot be understood.
Fundamental thing is, as Mother stated, there is no definition of time as divinity doesnt recognise time and space.The person putting questions to Mother,though is literate has no ANUBHAV ie metaphysical experiences.At the same time there is not enough verbatum to provide exact meanings by Mother.
To understand clearly you have to go thru Indian system of gurukul where the Guru helps his students to bring them to his freqency of thinking, and then only student understand the teaching.The nearest scientific analogy is of Electrical generators.There are multiple Generators which form a GRID.No one knows which generator is giving power to your house. So is the power of multiple gurus guiding humanity.
To understand Mothers statement, one should know that our body which is made of energy particles has also got memory and they synchronise with our soul energy which contributes to the elevation of our consciousness.After death,this consciousness merges with consciouness of same frequency, meaning Mother, Aurobindo and divinity are ONE.
Many Indian saints have reached this level and when they proclaim they are GOD or an Avatar, they are humiliated and abused by the lower conscious people.