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Lord Shiva : Sri Aurobindo's Poems



                         THE INCONSCIENT CREATOR

A face on the cold dire mountain peaks
    Grand and still; its lines white and austere
Match with the unmeasured snowy streaks
    Cutting heaven, implacable and sheer.

Above it a mountain of matted hair
    Aeon-coiled on that deathless and lone head
In its solitude huge of lifeless air
    Round, above illimitably spread.

A moon-ray on the forehead, blue and pale,
    Stretched afar its finger of still light
Illumining emptiness. Stern and male
    Mask of peace indifferent in might!

But out from some Infinite born now came
    Over giant snows and the still face
A quiver and colour of crimson flame,
    Fire-point in immensities of space.

Light-spear-tips revealed the mighty shape,
    Tore the secret veil of the heart's hold;
In that diamond heart the fires undrape,
    Living core, a brazier of gold.

This was the closed mute and burning source
    Whence were formed the worlds and their star-dance;
Life sprang a self-rapt inconscient Force,
    Love, a blazing seed, from the flame-trance;.

                                                                          - Sri Aurobindo


On the white summit of eternity
         A single Soul of bare infinities,
         Guarded he keeps by a fire-screen of peace
His mystic loneliness of nude ecstasy.
But, touched by an immense delight to be,
         He looks across unending depths and sees
         Musing amid the inconscient silences
The Mighty Mother’s dumb felicity.

Half now awake she rises to his glance;
         Then, moved to circling by her heart-beats’ will,
               The rhythmic worlds describe that passion-dance.
Life springs in her and Mind is born; her face
         She lifts to Him who is Herself, until
The Spirit leaps into the Spirit’s embrace.

                                                                     - Sri Aurobindo 


The electron on which forms and worlds are built,
Leaped into being, a particle of God.
A spark from the eternal Energy spilt,
It is the Infinite’s blind minute abode.

In that small flaming chariot Shiva rides.
The One devised innumerably to be;
His oneness in invisible forms he hides,
Time’s tiny temples of eternity.

Atom and molecule in their unseen plan
Buttress an edifice of strange onenesses,
Crystal and plant, insect and beast and man, -
Man on whom the World-Unity shall seize,

Widening his soul-spark to an epiphany
Of the timeless vastness of Infinity. 

(Sri Aurobindo, Volume 5, Collected Works, Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust 1972. Published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)


Lord Shiva came to the Mother

This was in 1926.

It was only... (how can I put it?) a participation from Krishna. It made no difference for Sri Aurobindo personally: it was a formation from the past that accepted to participate in the present creation, nothing more. It was a descent of the Supreme, from... some time back, now consenting to participate in the new manifestation.Shiva, on the other hand, refused. “No,” he said, “I will come only when you have finished your work. I will not come into the world as it is now, but I am ready to help.” He was standing in my room that day, so tall (laughing) that his head touched the ceiling! He was bathed in his own special light, a play of red and gold... magnificent! Just as he is when he manifests his supreme consciousness – a formidable being! So I stood up and... (I too must have become quite tall, because my head was resting on his shoulder, just slightly below his head) then he told me, “No, I'm not tying myself to a body, but I will give you ANYTHING you want.”       The only thing I said (it was all done wordlessly, of course) was: “I want to be rid of the physical ego.”
Well, mon petit (laughing), it happened! It was extraordinary!... After a while, I went to find Sri Aurobindo and said, “See what has happened! I have a funny sensation (Mother laughs) of the cells no longer being clustered together! They're going to scatter!” He looked at me, smiled and said, Not yet. And the effect vanished.But Shiva had indeed given me what I wanted!Not yet, Sri Aurobindo said.
No, the time wasn't ripe. It was too early, much too early.
                    - The Mother(Mother’s AgendaAugust 2, 1961)Link:


pianomonika said...

Sri Aurobindo's words are pearls in poetry, they flow with an ease ,that awakens the senses.

pianomonika said...

Thanks to Dr.Jitendra Sharma for posting the picture of LORD SHIVA with explanations.
It facilitates the understanding.

pianomonika said...

Lord Shiva has so many attributes:
Third eye,Crescent moon,Ashes,Matted hair,Blue throat,Tiger skin, Serpents,Deer, Trident, Drum,Nandi,
Gana, Mount Kalaisa ,Varanasi.--

These poetic words, which Sri Aurobindo wrote:''The rhythmic worlds describe that passion-dance.
Life springs in her and Mind is born; her face
She lifts to Him who is Herself, until
The Spirit leaps into the Spirit’s embrace ''let us look at the pictures of Lord Shiva with great reverence.