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New Year in Sri Aurobindo Ashram


Starting in the year 1927, the Sri Aurobindo ashram began the first New Year’s Celebration. On this eve of the New Year day, the sadhaks assembled in the Ashram around  midnight and as soon as the clock struck midnight The Mother welcomed the new year with music on her organ. This was followed by Pranams in the stillness of the night and The Mother blessed everyone.

The last of the midnight Pranams was on the 31 December 1937. “From the 1st January 1939, this Pranam began to take place in the morning … The midnight silence was replaced by the Mother’s ‘Bonne Année’ which was reciprocated.

From 1933, The Mother started distributing a message after her serene music — a thought, a prayer, an aspiration to serve as a guide for the whole year. These messages, written both in English and French, are reproduced in facsimiles of the Mother’s handwriting whenever possible. Between 1974 and 1984, New Year messages were not distributed at the Ashram.
By and by the cards came to be distributed even outside the Ashram; thus those who could not participate in the midnight ceremony of [the New Year] were also able to receive The Mother’s benediction and guidance for the New Year.”

From 1985 to the present, the Pondicherry Ashram has distributed messages selected from the writings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo to devotees around
the world.


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That's what Sri Aurobindo once said to me. What he saw was that the supramental Force would have enough influence on the various governments of the earth, of the nations, to permit hope for a harmony.
                                                                                                  - The Mother
(Mother’s Agenda, Volume 8, Page 138)

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pianomonika said...

The first New Year's celebration started in Sri Aurobindo Ashram 1927.
Sadhaks ,assembled in the Ashram around midnight, and the Mother welcomed all with her music on her organ ,to the New Year.
The Mother started from 1933 distributing a message after her serene music, a thought, a prayer.
That was a guide for the whole year for the people, and her words, written in English and French were later reproduced on cards, also to get outside the Ashram and now in the whole world.

These two thoughts of the Mother I would like to emphasize here:

'''Let the past be past.Concentrate only on the Eternal Blessings.''

''Let the birth of the New Year be the new birth of our consciousness.
Leaving the past far behind us let us run towards a luminous future.'''