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Mother's Darshan Video by Filmmaker Flame Schon

Video Credit :

This Video was shot on 24 April, 1973,  by filmmaker 
Ms. Flame

Schon (Diane Rochlin). She had lived in Sri 
Aurobindo Ashram, 

Pondicherry and Auroville from November 1970 to April 1974.

                            *                              *
 (The crack in the photo is perfect; we can know that it is very old (1970).
 It was shot just after the first private Darshan with the Mother in November 1970 by the Ashram Photographer. I believe his name was Barun. He, of course, posed it in the way of studio photopraphers. So, it is a somewhat studied-portrait and not a simple snapshot. Yet, it was shot outdoors under a tree in front of the Ashram.)

        It was all so long ago. Of course, meeting the Mother was a unique opportunity. When we, that is, my husband Sheldon Rochlin and Iarrived in Pondy early Nov. 1970, she did see each of us privately very soon after our arrival, after I sent her an earnest and urgent request. Sometime shortly after  that she stopped giving private darshans,  generally speaking. We were able however to have at least another private darshan with her when Sheldon showed her footage of the beginning of the digging of the Matrimandir. I can't totally remember-- was I there at that time or not? I mean at the showing the Mother this footage. Anyway she was pleased and even giggled a bit at it. I remember one birthday, whose? since she did see each of us on our own respective birthdays ... when we would bring her a flower - oh, my memory fails me... anyway, I believe that Sheldon gave her a flower and she promptly gave that very flower back to me.
   I can still remember the intensity of my focused feeling looking through the camera viewfinder directly at the Mother. All ALL of my being was there in those few minutes...saying MOTHER. She of course knew that we were there, Sheldon & I. Somehow permission to be there had been granted. I cannot remember the details but it was all arranged. We were on a balcony across the street from her balcony and as you can see from the angle , we were just about on a level with her balcony. And as you can also see, she looks directly at us for a brief moment of acknowledgement of our presence.
    This was in the early days of portable video and the Sony Porta- Pak was still state-of-the-art, I think. 

                                                                                       -  Flame Schon


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pianomonika said...

We I read about this event, and I think many other we do this, we all have the feeling to be with there,imagine the benevolent face of the Mother and the great honor, to have been received.Happy the poeple who knew her lifetime.