Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to do Sri Aurobindo's Yoga ?

  One day I asked Mother : I have been doing the yoga for many years
but I am not absolutely certain how to do the yoga of Sri Aurobindo.

I read all the books and try to do the yoga but I am not certain how far

I have progressed”. I asked the Mother to help me.

“You are doing it all wrong”, She said.

I said : What shall I do ?”

She said : “I will do the yoga for you”.

I was thrilled.

“What do I have to do?”, I said.

“Give yourself over to Me and I will do it for you”, Mother said.

I said : “How do I surrender ?”

She said : “Do you really want to ?”

I said : “Yes, certainly Mother !”

Mother said : “When you get up in the morning, what is the first thing

you do ?”

“I brush my teeth and as a matter of course I am thinking of all kinds

of things and not at all consciously”, I said.

Mother said : “Try and think of Me while you are brushing your teeth.

Talk to Me keeping fully conscious while you wash your face and

brush your teeth. When you eat – that is the time you must be very

conscious of Me.  Feel that I am eating with you and talk to Me and

enjoy your food. Let all the parts of your being remain conscious of

Me. Eat every mouthful with Me and you will find that things taste so

much better when you enjoy the food with Me. When you go to sleep –

that is the time when you should be very conscious of Me. Let me put

you to sleep and then the whole night you will have a conscious

sleep. When you awaken and begin your day, you will then begin it in

a more conscious way”.

Since  that conversation, I have sincerely tried to make this effort. It

may not always be complete and whole but I make the effort to remain

fully conscious of the Mother’s Presence in all my actions and

                                                                                                               -  Udar Pinto

                                                                       (An Interview with Anie Nunnaly)



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pianomonika said...

Reading this, I am excited.I often thought about Sri Aurobindo' Yoga.I read so many about The Mother, her prayers are a daily joyful duty for me.
I shall start.I will think of The Mother, I want to feel the presence of Her when eating, and I want to talk to The Mother and I will begin the day more consciously.
I know, I must make effort, but I shall do it with joy in heart.