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Agitation Against Sri Aurobindo Ashram

27 December, 1967
(Regarding the violent agitation in South India against the imposition of Hindi, the language of the North, as the official language. This is the same agitation that had in 1965 led to an attack against the Ashram in which disciples had been injured and buildings burned down. At the time the Pondicherry lieutenant governor had not intervened to stop the rioters from attacking the Ashram. It may be recalled that the majority of the disciples come from North India. In the last few days, trains, buses, post offices have been set on fire...)
Did you notice the police at the gate?...It's the minister (a minister who came here) who sent an order to the lieutenant governor to guard the Ashram.
If there were a way (that's what I have been working on for some time), a way to make all this youth understand that to destroy doesn't build - they can't give birth to anything whatsoever with this means. They want to change the state of things, agreed - they may not see very clearly the direction in which we should go, but that things must change is agreed - but still, this method is downright stupid.... They've thrown one more bomb at that poor Indira! She was at a university, at Santiniketan where she had gone to make a speech for a prize distribution (or something of the sort), and they threw a bomb at her. But this time, she was unscathed.
You see, that was the method of the adverse forces to prove that the creation was bad: they weren't satisfied with the creation and set about doing that - that's what they have been doing on a big scale. But it doesn't prove anything! They have established death, established destruction and all the forms of violence and hatred, anyway they turned everything topsy-turvy with the thought that, that way, the world would become a superior world - which is stupid.
 And all these people now follow one another in single file, not even aware of what they're doing or why or how or anything! ... They act in the name of freedom and, yes, free progress, because an attempt is made to impose an arbitrary law [Hindi] on them - the arbitrary law is stupid, but what they are doing is still more silly.
Yes, but in this case, all the politicians are the ones responsible.
Oh, yes.
The students follow directives.
I have news from behind the scenes. I know some young people who are part of these movements of agitation, intelligent young people who don't want violence - but they want things to change. And there are all kinds of very interesting things: one of them (they are young people who live with their families, I know some from different places and different types), quite recently the father of one of them, from Calcutta or thereabouts, became worried (I know the father quite well), he was worried; he called a friend of his, a high official in the police, and the friend questioned his son; then he told the father, "Your son is remarkable, highly intelligent, highly remarkable...." But then, it revealed something, that there are spies in the police, and those spies tell lies on people to get themselves noticed, so that lots of reports are false - I'd known that for a long time, but in this instance it became perfectly clear and obvious. For example, there had been reports that this boy had been involved in acts of violence - he's never had anything to do with that! The man who questioned him was entirely convinced of it, because he's a boy who can't do such things, and he said, "I totally disapprove of that." But the police reports had asserted his involvement. So, of course, this falsehood everywhere, mingled with everything, complicates things.
It's perfectly obvious that the higher-ups are the ones responsible, because they're not genuine people: they have neither the knowledge nor the vision nor the wisdom necessary to govern.... For instance, Indira, it seems, was complaining; one of her friends (her close friends), who is a very good disciple of mine, told her one day when she was complaining (she said the people and the government were in a dreadful state), she told her, "But why don't you go and consult Mother? She will give you wisdom." Then Indira replied, "I dare not."[[Indira will come and see Mother in October, 1969. Before coming to power, she had come once with her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, in September, 1955. ]]
 You understand, all this confusion, all this disorder seems to be intended to prepare people for one thing, which, obviously, has not so far even been imagined as being possible - the recourse to a disinterested wisdom in order to govern. They're all caught up in "If I do this, these people will be against me; if I do that, those people ..."
At the very bottom of the thing, two tendencies or two conceptions are confronting each other. The first says, "It's badly done: let's destroy it and we'll begin again," from top to bottom. The other says, "It's not the way it should be: let's transform it." These are the two things opposing each other: the effort for progress and transformation, or the brutal and stupid method of smashing everything and starting all over again, so that it goes on endlessly.
It boils down to the fight between Death and Life; progressive life, more and more divine, and Death, which systematically abolishes all that isn't divine. Because only what is divine escapes it.
But the process is ... endless.
The power of progressive transformation is what must be infused into Matter.
                  -  The Mother

(Mother’s Agenda, Volume 8, December 27 1967, pp. 422-425) 

Mother with her husband Paul Richard and Rabindranath Tagore in Japan in June 1916


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pianomonika said...

These bloody attacks were very bad.
In the history is it noticed as: language crisis.
Under the Indian Constitution of 1950, Hindi was to have become the official national language by 1965. This was not acceptable to many non-Hindi speaking states, who wanted the continued use of English in government. In 1967, Gandhi made a constitutional amendment that guaranteed the de facto use of both Hindi and English as official languages. This established the official government policy of bilingualism in India and satisfied the non-Hindi speaking Indian state.
Mother saw this dilemma of the people, to fight between Death and Life,progressive life ,more and more divine,and Death , which systematically abolishes all that is not divine .
Two conceptions were confronting each other: the progress and transformation, or the brutal and stupid method of smashing everything.
Mother's sentence should let think generations, guilty ever:''The power of progressive transformation is what must be infused into Matter.