Friday, October 4, 2013

Apprentice Disciples of Sri Aurobindo

                    Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and the Mother

All the government members (the central government - I don't mean the whole country, but the center), all the government members are ... (what should I say?) I might almost say "apprentice disciples of Sri Aurobindo," with a great goodwill to serve.
And everywhere, everywhere in the world, the signs of a CONSCIOUS goodwill awakening.
That's what Sri Aurobindo once said to me. What he saw was that the supramental Force would have enough influence on the various governments of the earth, of the nations, to permit hope for a harmony.
If that's how it is, it's something.
We'll see.
                      -  The Mother
(Mother's Agenda, Volume 8 ,  6th May 1967, pp. 137-38)
That's what I always tell those who criticize the government: "You deserve to be put in the place of the Prime Minister, or any other minister, with decisions to make; and with the responsibility placed on you, suppose you suddenly had to decide on things of which you know nothing - you'd soon see what fun it is!" You see, to govern properly, you have to be ... you have to be a sage! You should have a universal vision and be above all personal questions ...

                                                                                                            - The Mother
(Mother's Agenda , volume 4 ,  19th  Feb 1963, P
age  53)



pianomonika said...

The Mother had right, to rule a country is not easy.
In principle is to say: From the government we expect: Honesty,Truth,good knowledge for the industry.
Sri Aurobindo had the hope for harmony in the countries all over the world.
He had underestimated the greed of the rulers.
We see wars all over the world,from harmony we are far away.
But the single human being can do something in family , in job, to friends,we must begin in small, and as more people join, as more harmony we will have.

pianomonika said...

It is a fact, that a government can not be in all places to look, if anything is going right,one of us is encouraged to act fairly.
The government has to have well educated minister, who are able to create jobs for the people, to build apartments, houses for the population, schools and hospitals.
In many countries there does not exists an insurance for health, a big problem, when one in the family get ill.
A primary care should be!!
Justice is also a big point, we all know, that having a right, is not the same also to get !! this right.
Corruption is another hard point.Why does it exists in so many countries? And this from small staff to big one?
By the small one the saleries are so few, that a bit money for a favor help to survive, and that would not happen so often, when the salery would feed the family.
Pls reader, understand me right, it is not an apology for this acting, but an explanation.
By the big ones, it is the greed, and it is in the human nature, some have it and other not, but its also the duty of the government, to act against it.
Perfect countries in all will never exists.

Anonymous said...

India has seen various sages descending between 1800 to 1940 AD to enlighten the enslaved indians from centuries of bondage.Having completed their role,the indian hindus were provided a beautiful platform to become Dharmic oriented and guide the world in right direction.Have the indian race performed their duties?Result is in front of us.Sages or sage minded people cannot rule a country.They can inspire or guide a kshtriya minded person to rule the country and we have best examples like Chanakya, Vasishta and Viahwamitra.