Friday, September 6, 2013

The State of the Nation : A Questionnaire Answered by the Mother

The Mother answers
(A questionnaire from The Illustrated Weekly of India, Republic Day issue of 1964 - original English)

1. If you were asked to sum up, just in one sentence, your vision of India, what would be your answer?
India's true destiny is to be the Guru of the world.
2. Similarly, if you were asked to comment on the reality as you see it, how would you do it in one sentence?
The present reality is a big falsehood - hiding an eternal truth.
3. What, according to you, are the three main barriers that stand between the vision and the reality?
i) Ignorance ii) Fear iii) Falsehood.
4. Are you satisfied with the overall progress India has made since Independence? (Yes or No)
5. What is our most outstanding achievement in recent times? Why do you consider it so important?
Waking up of the yearning for Truth - because without Truth there is no real liberty.
6. Likewise, can you name the saddest failure? On what ground do you regard it as so tragic?
Insincerity. Because insincerity leads to ruin.

(November 12, 1963)

(Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 6, pp. 212-213, August 7, 1965)


pianomonika said...

To the first point to which the Mother replied: Yes ,after all these many years India is the 'Guru' of the world,thanks to the significant work of Sri Aurobindo and herself.
The second answer, the falsehood in the world,no striving for truth,no searching for higher consciousness, without- the progress will not go on.
And no liberty without truth,we can here look to the current events in the world, the insincerity speaks volumes.
''Mother'' gave answers in a way, that all people can understand it very will.
Let us hope, that it is not only a hearing, but a going to the mind.

Anonymous said...

It belongs to each of us, starting by ourself, that what mother says results in an action from us in the way of the unity of our humanity in divine consciousness.
Each of us is not separated of the rest of humanity. We are one humanity. What humanity did in past, what humanity does today, what humanity will do tomorrow, this is what we are, for we are one humanity in reality.
The illusion of a separation between everyone of us is only an illusion created by ego.
Sweet Mother was a pure manifestation of that reality, showing us what to do to help change in our world, in accepting in our body what that other human are not able yet to give to the divin of themselves.