Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sri Aurobindo on Avatars

The Avatar comes as the manifestation of the divine nature in the human nature, the apocalypse of its Christhood, Krishnahood, Buddhahood, in order that the human nature may by moulding its principle, thought, feeling, action, being on the lines of that Christhood, Krishnahood, Buddhahood transfigure itself into the divine. The law, the Dharma which the Avatar establishes is given for that purpose chiefly; the Christ, Krishna, Buddha stands in its centre as the gate, he makes through himself the way men shall follow. That is why each Incarnation holds before men his own example and declares of himself that he is the way and the gate; he declares too the oneness of his humanity with the divine being, declares that the Son of Man and the Father above from whom he has descended are one, that Krishna in the human body, īm tanum āśritam)mānus, and the supreme Lord and Friend of all creatures are but two revelations of the same divine Purushottama, revealed there in his own being, revealed here in the type of humanity.
                                                                                                       -  Sri Aurobindo
                                                                     (Essays On The Gita, pp. 140-141) 


pianomonika said...

Sri Aurobindo explained the Avatar in words, which are good to understand.
''The Avatar comes as the manifestation of the divine nature in the human nature.''
Krishna in the human body and the supreme Lord are friends of all creatures, revealed in type of humanity.

Anita Colas said...

In theosophy and philosophy this union of two natures, human and divine in one person is called "hypostasis" or "hypostatic union". The Avatars are there to show us that divine nature will finally become our own, this passage may be long, slow, but it is a certainty. We are beings with two parallel natures but still unaware of it, the Avatars are there to recall this (our real nature) to our memory. This reminds me of Milton's "Paradise lost" where the Son of God has pity on Adam and Eve and wants to save them after their eviction from Paradise.

vasudha kota said...

Avatars are the bridges for humanity to attain divinity.

Salutes to Sri Aurobindo...