Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga, Disciples and the Mother

     If you leave it to the Mother entirely, then what the Mother would want you to do is to go on with the work as best you can without allowing yourself to be disturbed or troubled by these things which you enumerate in your letters, without insisting on your own ideas or vital feelings. That is indeed the rule that all ought to follow, to do their work here as the Mother's work, not their own; the worker must not insist on the work being done according to his own ideas; for that is to treat it as his own work, not the Mother's. If there are inconveniences, troubles, things done not as he would like them to be, still he should go on doing his work as best he can under the circumstances. That is a rule of the sadhana, to remain unconcerned by outward circumstances and quietly do what one has to do, what one can do, leaving the rest to the Mother. It is not possible to have everything perfect at present, even supposing that what one thinks to be right is the best. There is much in the Ashram and the work that is not as perfect as the Mother would like it to be, but she knows that the perfection she would like is not yet possible because of circumstances and the imperfection of her instruments; she arranges all for the best according to what is now possible. The worker should do his work in this spirit according to the Mother's arrangements and he should use his work as a means for growing spiritually in devotion, obedience, self-offering to the Mother, not insisting on himself, his ideas, his feelings and preferences. To be able to do that makes the consciousness ready for inner experience and progress in sadhana.
      I have tried to explain what the Mother wants and why she wants it. She wants you to do her work quietly, taking all inconveniences, defects and difficulties quietly, and doing your best; what X does or arranges should not disturb you — if he makes mistakes he is responsible for it to the Mother and it is for the Mother to see what is to be done. That is what she wants from you — if you can do it, then things will go more smoothly and she will be able more easily to lead things in the direction she wants. It is also, as I have tried to explain to you, the best thing for your own sadhana.
The Mother's Sadhana in the Sadhaks

Naturally, the Mother does the sadhana in each sadhak — only it is conditioned by their zeal and their receptivity.
-      Sri Aurobindo
(From the book:Letters on the Mother)


pianomonika said...

''Let out your own wishes,and act according to the Mother''
And know ,it is an attempt day by day, it runs not at once, the spirit and the consciousness must be an unit.

pianomonika said...

''You are only accountable to the Mother'', make effort and when you do not succeed at once, be not desperated, try again, that is the only way for you.