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Sri Aurobindo on the Law of Balance

"In this Day the Straight Path is made manifest, the Balance of divine justice is set and the light of the sun of His bounty is resplendent "...

[Yusufali 55:7] And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the Balance (of Justice)-The Quran

[Yusufali 55:9] So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.-The Quran

Sri Aurobindo : ( kept silent for some time and then said) There is no such general law. The thing is that the Asura can’t keep balance. The law that demands balance then strikes.

Sri Aurobindo: There is a Greek saying that when one becomes too powerful he becomes insolent and commits excesses and then that strikes against the throne of God and then the retribution begins.
The leader of the former dominant party was not like that. He never lost sense of balance, and never pushed things too far. When his lieutenants asked him to arrest his political opponents he refused.

Disciple: Hitler also has a precipitous rise, he can’t maintain the momentum. He can’t last very long.
Sri Aurobindo: There is another famous Greek story about the tyrant of Syracuse. Do you know it?

Disciple: No.

Sri Aurobindo: This tyrant wanted to make friends with another tyrant of Sicily. Both belonged to Sicily. The latter replied: You are too fortunate. You must sacrifice something or have some little misfortune to compensate for your fortune, otherwise, I can’t ally myself with you. The tyrant of Syracuse – Polycrites – threw his most precious ring into the sea as a sacrifice to compensate for his fortune. The ring was swallowed by a fish and that fish caught by a fisherman who brought to him. He got back the ring. The other tyrant heard about it and said: You are too lucky. I shall never ally myself with you. Polycrites was afterwards killed by his people in revolt. “The ring of Polycrites” is a proverbial expression in English.
The Roman poet says: the Titans fall by their own mass. There is a similar idea in India when it is said: the Asuras are too heavy for the earth to bear their weight. But some Asuras are clever enough to flourish in spite of proverbs
Disciple: Can it be said that the Asuras by their action contradict the law of evolution or that they contradict something fundamental in human nature?

Sri Aurobindo : ( kept silent for some time and then said) There is no such general law. The thing is that the Asura can’t keep balance. The law that demands balance then strikes.
note:”asura” means beings of falsehood

Source:Purani A. B.
Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo
The Third Series

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pianomonika said...

The balance is everything in life, but man is prone to excesses.

vavamenon said...

I assume that you understand the 'science of ADVAIYH (NON-DUALITY).
What I appreciate in Shri Aurobindo is that he has got connected with that "UNIFIED FIELD" from which all have manifest "as and in" this universe ("AS" a single whole and "IN" as trillions & trillions of its parts that include you, me and all others, interconnected by the thread that is the INFINITE DIVINE ENERGY WITH CONSCIENCE AND CONSCIOUSNESS.) He has dived into that UNBOUNDED WISDOM WITHIN & ALL AROUND".
And that eternal wisdom is the BALANCING POWER helping the onward movement of the MANIFESTED EXPRESSIONS in of THAT SINGLE WHOLE.
Interestingly, all Bharatheeya Scriptures repeat this PRINCIPLE OF ADVAITH umpteen times. Srimadh' Bhagavatham which is the SWAROOPAM of LORD KR'SHNA is the most brilliant'est' effort of Shri Vyaasa Devan and Shuka Brahmarshi, S/o Vyaasa Devan explains to us in Lord Kr'shna's words that SHRAVANAM OF BHAGAVATHAM FROM A SADH'GURU IS THE EASIEST WAY TO SEE /EXPERIENCE (ANUBHOOTHI) LORD KR'SHNA IN OUR "SELF" AND IN EVERYONE/EVERYTHING ALL OVER AROUND US.
After Shri Aurobindo, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi who has tried to explain this ADVAITHA THATTHVA scientifically.
Those who have taken birth in Sanathana Dharma traditions are so fortunate to be free from 'brain-blocking' dogmatic religious restrictions. And true sages appear only in this tradition.
I don't know how come a quote from Q'uran can support the 'science of advaith'.
Best regards,