Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baba Ramdev visits Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who was in Puducherry on a private visit, said that there was a need to bring divinity to politics to effect big changes.
Talking to reporters after having a “darshan” at Aurobindo Ashram on Tuesday morning, he said people needed at least 100 MPs with divinity in the parliament to bring about changes in politics, eradicate corruption and unearth black money. He said that people with similar views needed to emerge to provide a new alternative, and to make changes possible.
Asked whether he would oppose Congress in the 2014 parliamentary elections the guru, who participated in the agitations against corruption with civil society leader Anna Hazare, said, “If it is felt by the people that Congress rule is the pinnacle of corruption, then we will oppose the party.”
Earlier, when asked about the purpose of the visit he said, “Almost 25 years ago I heard about Sri Aurobindo from my guru and I was attracted to his teaching ‘the whole life is a yoga.’ I have travelled around the globe, but this is the first time that I have come for a darshan here.”
The yoga guru said that he was committed in taking Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, political, social and economic visions to the people.
“I may take years to do this, but I have decided to commit my life for this,” he said.
Baba said Puducherry was “Athmeeka Bhoomi” (spiritual land) because Sri Aurobindo lived here. Baba Ramdev had darshan at Sri Aurobido’s samadhi and the rooms of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
Later, like any other devotee, he lunched at the ashram dining hall, along with other visitors to the ashram.
Later, Ramdev said that many people from the UT had approached him to begin an ayurvedic centre here and added that heeding to the requests he would soon begin an ayurvedic centre here as desired by his followers.
Baba had visited Matri Mandir and Auroville on Monday.


pianomonika said...

Let him pass on the spirit of Sri Aurobindo.

Anonymous said...

I have read like many Baba Ramadev's life got changed ever since he came in touch with Sri Aurobindo teachings. He has proved himself to be the eminent teacher of Yoga. It is important to know that Sri Aurobindo mentioned so much about Silence as Yoga.