Friday, February 24, 2012

Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy

Q. You wrote to X that though people call you a philosopher you have never learnt philosophy. Well, what you have written in the 'Arya' is so philosophical that the greatest philosopher of the world can never expect to write it. I don’t mean here the bringing down of the new Truth, but the power of expression, the art of reasoning and arguing with intellect and logic.

Ans. There is very little argument in my philosophy—the elaborate metaphysical reasoning full of abstract words with which the metaphysician tries to establish his conclusions is not there. What is there is a harmonising of the different parts of a many-sided knowledge so that all unites logically together. But it is not by force of logical argument that it is done, but by a clear vision of the relations and sequences of the knowledge.

                                                                                              - Sri Aurobindo                

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