Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ON PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT - Some Words of Advice from The Mother

Q. Sweet Mother,

When department heads or superiors make mistakes or commit an injustice towards their subordinates, what should be the attitude of those affected by these errors? Should one keep silent and say, "It is none of my business", or should one try to point out the mistake to them?

Ans.  Neither the one nor the other.

First and always, we must ask ourselves what our instrument of judgment is. One must ask, "What is my judgment based on? Do I have perfect knowledge? What in me is judging? Do I have the divine consciousness? Am I completely disinterested in this matter? Am I free of all desire and all ego?"

And since the answer to all these questions will be the same, namely, "NO", the honest and sincere conclusion must be: "I cannot judge, I do not have the elements needed for a true judgment; therefore I will not judge, I will keep quiet."1


"Certainly, the most important occupation is to develop and perfect oneself, but that can be done very well, and even better, while working. It is for you to know what work it is that most interests you, the one that opens for you a path towards perfection. It may be something apparently very modest; it is not the apparent importance of a work which gives it its real value for the yoga."2

                                                                                                                                   - The Mother

1Collected Works of the Mother, Volume 16, p.319
2Ibid., p. 352.

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