Monday, December 26, 2011

The call of the future

While on the one hand he attained the acme of his lifelong quest on December 5, 1950, it also became imperative for Sri Aurobindo on the other hand, to leave his body. We can never understand the inside story of this mystery, but this simultaneous victory and defeat constitutes a momentous event in the history of mankind. That the lever of the next evolution has been pulled successfully was confirmed by The Mother through a subsequent breakthrough on February 29, 1956. Besides, it is not without significance that when large parts of the world was engulfed in turmoil in 1968, Auroville blossomed upon the earth with the promise of a new future. Although, The Mother is no more with us for almost four decades, aspirants across the globe invoke her presence and inspiration on a daily basis as though nothing else is more worthwhile in their lives. This also forms collaboration with the earth atmosphere for a leap forward into the next level of evolution.

India, with its 1.21b population, has turned a veritable melting pot with the onset of market economy and cutting edge communication. Plurality of languages, however, is still a bottleneck for spreading messages. The call of the future, nevertheless, would find its medium and nothing is at stake if we are by the side of the time. [TNM55]

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