Saturday, September 3, 2011

Falsehood and Truth

1. Falsehood is the great ally of Death.

2. Hypocrisy and pretension are the homage ignorance pays to the

    Truth.Hypocrisy and pretension are the first signs of the 

    inconscient’s aspiration towards consciousness.

3. Worship Truth. It will cure you of Falsehood.

4. Truth is stronger than falsehood. There is an immortal Power that

     governs the world. Its decision always prevails. Join with it and

     you are sure of the final victory.

5. This earth is still governed by ignorance and falsehood. But the

     time has come for the manifestation of Truth.

6. The world is a place of falsehood and it is only in the silent depths

     of the Divine that one can find the peace of truth.

7. There is only one solution for falsehood.

     It is to cure in ourselves all that contradicts in our consciousness

     the presence of the Divine.

                                                                                 - The Mother

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