Novelist and the former president of Kerala Sahithya Academy P. Valsala said that Keralites must study the poetry of Sri Aurobindo which “was unmatched in sublimity of thought.”
She was speaking after releasing “Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo's Poetry” authored by Jitendra Sharma on Saturday.
On ‘Savithri'
Though Malayalam poets had been prolific, there was nothing in Malayalam poetry that could measure up to the greatness of ‘Savithri,' Sri Aurobindo's epic poem, she said. The novelist added that Sri Aurobindo's poetry was comparable to the best in English literature.
In Malayalam
Ms. Valsala said she was so moved by the spirituality in Sri Aurobindo's poems, reproduced in Mr. Sharma's book, that she translated a few of them into Malayalam so that these could be read by lovers of Malayalam poetry also. These poems were read out at the function by the novelist. She added that she would be translating more poems by Sri Aurobindo into Malayalam soon.
She presented a copy of the book to Venu Maruthayi, writer and retired Hindi teacher.
Mr. Sharma, who teaches French at St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, and did his undergraduate studies at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education Centre, Puducherry, also spoke at the function held at Kozhikode Press Club.