Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Mother on Pop Music

(Mother listens to a few pieces of pop music brought to her by
François B., an enthusiastic visitor)
It's very amusing! (Mother laughs)
It's the vital in full revolt against the mind, but it's magnificent! They reject the whole mind. It's interesting, very interesting!
You get the feeling that if they pushed a little farther on (gesture of piercing above), they would catch something.
(François B.:) Mother, a few groups have pushed much farther
on. This one [the Rolling Stones] is the most vital of all the
 groups. But there are others, more open, less rough. They are
 really ready to recognize you, but they don't know.
It's clearly a complete rejection of all mental rules, and that's the first step needed to go beyond. There are two or three minutes when suddenly - hop! (gesture of piercing through) you feel it contacts something above.
Is there something else?
(F.B.:) A lot more!
(Laughing) You can give me another piece or two!
(Mother laughs, greatly amused) It strikes me as a band of children freed from any mental yoke! Very amusing.
It's all right.
(F.B.:) I'd like to have you hear something else, another kind. But
 from the same generation. Something gentler.
All right ... But it's very amusing! There is behind this a mental form that looks like the I-couldn't- care-less of the perpetual Smile! It's strange ... I mean, that which smiles at the whole life and all its forms, but as if seen and felt by children.
              ( Mother's Aganda - 16th April, 1969, page 132)

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