Monday, June 13, 2011

Religious Ceremonies

Q. Mother,
I have been asked whether Sri Aurobindo’s followers can or cannot worship Rama, Krishna and the other gods, whether they should perform religious ceremonies or stop them. I replied that we do not have any set rules that each one has to follow. Each one should do what he feels from within. I said that if one is sincere and wants to be a servant of the Lord, he can become one even without knowing the name of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, that Mother will respond to him in the form of Radha or the Virgin Mary or Hanuman.
It all depends on sincerity and faith. We neither ask someone to perform the ceremony nor stop it. What do you say?

Ans. Quite right.
            Love and blessings.   
                                                                                                     - The Mother                    
(CWMCE, Vol. 17, pp. 237-238)

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