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Nirodbaran narrates a real story of Black Magic

...Well, we were living in that house then. The Mother too was there
with me. A servant called Vittal used to work for us whom for some
reason we had sacked. Absolutely furious, he screamed threats and
abuses at us, warning us that we would soon find it impossible to
Fakir who knew some black magic.
"One evening, out of nowhere, we suddenly found stones falling on
the roof of our kitchen. The boys thought that someone was playing
the fool. They went out to see, but there was no one outside. The
next day, the shower of stones again fell for half an hour, and
there was a more and
more prolonged shower every day after that. The stones rained down
like hail, thick and fast, and they grew progressively bigger too.
Finally, once it continued up to midnight. The stones fell, making a
big noise, on the kitchen roof, the courtyard and elsewhere. We had
to inform the police. The police came. Suddenly, while a constable
was looking carefully around the place a stone shot out from between
his legs. Frightened out of his wits, the poor man ran for his life.
So then we began to examine the problem ourselves. We searched
thoroughly, especially in the directions from which the stones were
coming. But there was no sign of a human being anywhere. And a
stranger thing began to happen now - the stones started raining down
even inside the closed rooms. One day they fell on the simpleton of
a boy who used to work for us. Poor fellow! He was badly hurt and
bleeding. This was a terrible mystery - this falling of the stones
inside a closed room and hurting the boy who was there. In fact,
that boy became the chief target. So Bijoy took him into his own
room, but even there he found no shelter. Then Bijoy called out for
me and as I entered I saw the last stone fall on the boy. The two of
them were sitting side by side; the stone was thrown straight at
them, but there was no third person in the room - unless
the 'Invisible Man' of H. G. Wells was present!
"Until then we had been watching the incident, making our own
observations. But when we found that things were going too far, were
becoming dangerous even, we decided that something had to be done.
The Mother knew a great deal of occultism and the world of spirits.
She understood that there was somehow a link between our house and
that young boy working for us. That link had to be cut and if the
boy could be given a job elsewhere, then the stone-throwing would
stop. So he was sent to work in another house.
"The Mother told me, 'We'll see what it is.' She went into
meditation and gave a call, 'Let us see, who is throwing stones at
us now? You must come and tell us.' The Mother saw three little
vital entities which have no strength and
enough consciousness confined to one action - they are at the
service of those who practise magic. They were terribly frightened!
The Mother asked, 'Why do you throw stones like that? What is this
bad joke?' They replied, 'We are compelled. We are compelled. It is
not our fault.'
"The Mother felt like laughing, but still kept a serious face and
told them, 'Well, you must stop this, understand?' Then they told
her, 'Keep us; we shall do all that you ask.' 'What can you do?' the
Mother asked them; they replied, 'We know how to throw stones.'
(Laughter) She said, 'That doesn't interest me at all. I don't want
to throw stones at anyone... but could you bring me some flowers?
Some roses?' Then they looked at each other in great dismay and
answered, 'No, we are not made for that, we don't know how to do
it.' She said, 'I don't need you, go away, and take care specially
never to come back. Otherwise it will be disastrous!' They ran away
and never came back!"
There was absolute silence in the room, all the children were
staring at Sri Aurobindo with shining eyes. Nobody even dared to
stir! Then Sudeep spoke, "But did the matter really end there?"
"No. The next day Vittal's daughter, who was our maid- servant, came
early in the afternoon in a state of intense fright and said to the
Mother, 'My father is in the hospital, he is dying. I am terribly
frightened.' The Mother came to me and said, 'You know,Vittal is in
the hospital, he is dying.' Then I looked at the Mother and
smiled, 'Oh! just for a few stones!' That very eveningVittal was
cured. But he never started anything again. At last there was peace
in the house. This, in short, is the ghost story you were so keen to
hear. When the Mother had gone to North Africa, she had made a deep
study of occultism, gaining much knowledge of it and mastery over

- Nirodbaran, Sri Aurobindo- A Dream-Dialogue With Children , pp. 222-

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pianomonika said...

An incredible story, but there is between heaven and earth events,which are not to explain to the mind.
Remarkable, that when 'Mother' asked about to bring flowers,they ran away and never came back.