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…the best way of listening (to music) is this. It is to be like a still mirror and very concentrated, very silent. In fact, we see people who truly love music . . . I have seen musicians listening to music, musicians, composers or players who truly love music, I have seen them listening to music . . . they sit completely still, you know, they are like that, they do not move at all. Everything, everything is like that. And if one can stop thinking, then it is very good, then one profits fully. . . . It is one of the methods of inner opening and one of the most powerful.
-Mother (Mira Alfassa)
All music is only the sound of His laughter
-Sri Aurobindo in his poem “Who”

Artist : Priti Ghosh
Artist : Priti Ghosh@Aurobindo Ashram. Click on the image to go to the artist's homepage

Sri Aurobindo & the Mother Mirra Alfassa’s views on music

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Devotional music collection

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Indian classical music

Indian music, when there are good musicians, has almost always a psychic origin; for example, the ragas have a psychic origin, they come from the psychic. The inspiration does not often come from above. But Indian music is very rarely embodied in a strong vital. It has rather an inner and intimate origin.
- Mother (Mira Alfassa)
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My approach to music is very deep. I do not compromise. Indian music is based on spiritualism and was practiced and learned to know the Supreme Truth. A musician must lift up the souls of the listeners and take them towards Space.  This is the history of Indian music.

Western classical music

But imagine this same vital power of expression, with the inspiration coming from far above–the highest inspiration possible, when all the heavens open before us–then that becomes wonderful. There are certain passages of César Franck, certain passages of Beethoven, certain passages of Bach, there are pieces by others also which have this inspiration and power.
- Mother (Mira Alfassa)

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