Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Astrology and Horoscope - Sri Aurobindo’s letter to his wife Mrinalini Devi

                                                                                                                      C/o Rai Bahadur
                                                                                              K.B. Jadhav,
                                                                                              July 2nd, 1902
Dearest Mrinalini,
… You said you have got a horoscope; send it to me. Jotin Banerjee is here and I wish to show it to him. I have faith in astrology - ten years’ experience confirmed. But also amongst a thousand, nine hundred know nothing about it. Few know but more make mistakes, e.g. non-performance of the coronation ceremony of the English King this year was declared several months ago --- causes even. If there be evil consequences then there are means of knowing them beforehand --- as they can be cured often. If horoscope can’t be found, exact time of birth will do, but even the very minute must be correct. 
                                                                                               Your husband

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