Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Supramental Process of Action

Formula given by Mother

1. Remain absolutely quiet in all parts of your being.

2. Aspire and call.

3. You will get a response from above.

4. Place your problem before it and wait peacefully.

5. The direction will come from above.

6. Receive it and implement it through your mind,
life and body.

7. There should be no likes and dislikes and preferences.

8. Help will come. The right man will come. The resources

will come. The material will come and the right action

will take place.

Note :

Absolute surrender, no personal reaction, no personal

preference and absolute detachment, and have no fear


Observation :

Tried many times and obtained wonderful results.

(February 26, 1990)

(I Remember… by Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya, p. 326)

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SUKALYAN said...

Excellent practical guide.Thank you for sharing.