Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sri Aurobindo and his vision

One day when I was traveling in a cab, I saw a large billboard which had a huge picture of Sri Aurobindo and there were some writings on it about his thoughts and visions. Being the kind who hardly pays attention to the billboards, hoardings and other form of advertisements, I was quite surprised to find myself reading the entire content of the billboard!
I am intrigued by yoga and influential yogis and yoga teachers, and Sri Aurobindo happens to be one of them. Sometimes I even practice a bit of yoga of these cult teachers and extract the maximum benefits from them, although to tell the truth, I am nowhere near the status of a religious yoga practitioner!
Of course you must have heard about Sri Aurobindo already, he is considered as one of the most influential spiritual figures in the last decade. His vision was not merely limited to yoga and the benefits of it, he has some of the most absorbing and marvelous writings on an array of subjects like philosophy, poetry, human unity, etc. If you are interested, you can check out some of his famous works which was published by Lotus Press. You can find these at any bookstores.
Hailing from India, this illustrious poet, yogi, philosopher and political activist is fondly regarded as “the pioneer Integral thinker” because of his works on Integral yoga. His works were always focused on attaining transformation, and that too of the highest kind. The transformations are of physical, mental, spiritual, psychic, vital nature and through his Integral yoga, he aimed at bringing about a world reform by integral consciousness.
His works amaze me. His views amaze me. He is such a talented all-rounder with a spiritual and visionary view, his views were mostly based on how the world will be or should be if there was integral growth in all the spheres of life. It is no wonder that he is considered as one of the foremost philosophers in the 20th Century, but it s injustice to simply restrict his views to that of a philosopher only, he is one of the best political activist, yogi, teacher, poet and spiritual leader of our times.
Now it’s one thing to have a vision, and another to have the ability to communicate that vision and get the message across; one may have the best vision but if one cannot share it with the world, then what is the use of such vision? However, this is not the case with Sri Aurobindo, he could not only communicate his insights to the mass but also do it in a way that could be appreciated and understood.
Sri Aurobindo would always remain in the hearts of his people as a teacher who have contributed so much to human potential and growth. He merged the two cultures – Eastern and Western and gave the world a completely different energy and vision. While others are focused on the material aspects of life, he focused on the spiritual and philosophical aspects. His works are a must-read, if you have the time and interest for it, then please do, you surely won’t regret it!

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