Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The silent revolution

SRI AUROBINDO and The Mother's yoga is a silent revolution — no preaching, no propagation. A sadhak in this yoga ascends in his realisation from peak to peak silently like the rising sun. Perhaps he knows or perhaps he even does not know. Again each realisation has many levels and disparities.
In a deep sleep as the psychic silently awakens, similarly in our deeper consciousness Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's Yoga Shakti is awake incessantly and works vigilantly, quietly opening one after another the hidden doors. The sadhaka at one time realises that he is not the same man as before. He has become a new man with a new consciousness. In his life externally there is no noise, no loud calls, but inwardly all his being has been reversed topsy-turvy. The yoga of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo has quietly reconstructed, renovated and recreated his inner self.
Sometimes acceding a life of our desire soul, sometimes denying most or sometimes totally cancelling all that we wanted; it builds up a new man in us. It is therefore called the hidden third method of God — Murarir Tritiya Pantha. It has three stages — Involution, Revolution and Evolution. First, the descent of a higher consciousness and power in the inner consciousness of man and society. There starts an imbroglio, a churning within to create a revolution. After the descent of Supramental Power and Consciousness upon earth there has been a turmoil, wrecking, ruining and devastating condition in man, in society, in States, the like of which we have not seen before. This condition has prevailed for a long time. Such Involution and Revolution continued. Now begins an Evolution — a silent spiritual Evolution. Sri Aurobindo has said that mankind in the past history has experienced many kinds of revolutions — social, political and religious. There were conflicts, bloodshed, wars and destruction. But the condition of human life remained almost the same. The human civilisation is waiting for the fourth and final revolution that is the spiritual revolution. The Divine Consciousness with the spiritual power will continue to work silently and universally. Divine Power — Divya Shakti — moves in mankind from mind to mind and creates a revolution — Deva Manmani Sancaranti.
In everyone's life this silent revolution goes on, so inevitably, infallibly that it is now transpiring internationally, nationally and individually.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram shines gracefully and conspicuously with the world's highest wisdom, with the greatest tapasya, with the supernal light. People come there from different parts of the world. They realise the living example of the future spiritual life of mankind. They are going back, imbibing the new life of the future. Sri Aurobindo's Relics are now going to different parts of the country and the world. With the Relics of Sri Aurobindo there goes with it Sri Aurobindo's Power and Consciousness.
As the sacred parts of Mahashakti's body are scattered in 52 places in our country creating the holy places — Pithasthan, likewise the places where Sri Aurobindo's Relics are going are also becoming holy places — The Divine Pithasthan.
Every one of us is carrying the flag of the silent revolution. I heard it from the Mother, who once said, when the soul takes birth he carries with him a mission, to fulfil a particular work. When the time comes when the particular work is done the soul returns. Sometimes leaving the work unfinished, he cuts short his stay and returns. Or it may so happen, the Mother said, even if the soul's mission is well done if he can do more, if he has more progress to make, the soul continues to stay. The whole human civilisation, as Sri Aurobindo said, is now in the process of a silent Spiritual Revolution.
                                                               - Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya

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