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In one of its aspects, occult science is like a kind of chemistry applied to the play of forces and the structure of the worlds and and individual forms of the inner dimensions. Just as in the chemistry of Matter the manipulation of certain substances is not without danger, so too in the occult worlds the wielding of certain forces and contact with them involve risks which only a great self-control and an unshakable calm can render innocuous.
In another of its aspects, occult science is, for the individual seeker, like the discovery and exploration of unknown countries whose laws and customs one often learns at one's own cost. Some of these realms are even rather terrifying for the beginner, who finds himself surrounded by new and unexpected perils. However, most of these dangers are more imaginary than real, and if one faces them without fear they lose the greater part of their reality.
In any case, at all times it has been recommended that one should take up these studies only under a very reliable guide hoe can point out the paths to follow, put you on guard against dangers, whether illusory or not, and give protection when needed.
Thus it is difficult to give more details here about the science itself, except to say that the indispensable basis of occult studies is a recognition of the concrete and objective reality of the many states of being and the inner worlds, which is a psychological application of the theory of four-dimensional or multi-dimensional space.
Occult science could thus be defined as a concrete objectification, in the world of forms, of what spiritual disciplines teach from the purely psychological point of view. The two should complement each other for the perfection of self-development and integral action. Occult knowledge without spiritual discipline is a dangerous instrument, for the one who uses it as for others, if it falls into impure hands. Spiritual knowledge with out occult science lacks precision and certainty in its objective results; it is all powerful only in the subjective world. The two, when combined in inner or outer action, are irresistible and are fit instruments for the manifestation of the supramental power.
                                                                                                    - The Mother
(Bulletin, April 1954)

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pianomonika said...

When we read about Occultism we must know this :''It includes various theories and practices involving a belief in and knowledge or use of supernatural forces or beings. It has occurred in all human societies ; a belief in the existence of secret, mysterious, or supernatural agencies.
But often when people hear the word Occultism it has a connotation to ''witches kitchen''.
So The Mother told right with her advise, that a reliable guide is needed.
Occult knowledge is a great power, requires responsibility, and spiritual discipline.