Monday, May 30, 2011

At what point of transformation had Sri Aurobindo arrived?

Q. I asked myself a question about Sri Aurobindo. I wanted to know at what point he had arrived when he passed away – at what point of transformation. What difference in the work, for example, is there between what you are doing now and what he was doing at that time?

Ans. He had gathered in his body a great amount of supramental force and as soon as he left ... You see, he was lying on his bed, I stood by his side, and in a way altogether concrete – concrete with such a strong sensation as to make one think that it could be seen – all this supramental force which was in him passed from his body into mine. And I felt the friction of the passage. It was extraordinary – extraordinary. It was an extraordinary experience. For a long time, a long time like that (Mother indicates the passing of the Force into her body). I was standing beside his bed, and that continued.
Almost a sensation – it was a material sensation.
For a long time.
That is all I know.

                                                                                         - The Mother

(Collected Works of the Mother, Vol. 11, p. 328)

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