Wednesday, April 6, 2011


You can’t expect me to argue about my own spiritual greatness in comparison with Krishna’s. The question itself would be relevant only if there were two sectarian religions in opposition, Aurobindoism and Vaishnavism, each insisting on its own God’s greatness. That is not the case. And then what Krishna must I challenge, — the Krishna of the Gita who is the transcendent Godhead, Paramatma, Parabrahma, Purushottama, the cosmic Deity, Master of the universe, Vasudeva who is all, the Immanent in the heart of all creatures, or the Godhead who was incarnate at Brindavan and Dwarka and Kurukshetra and who was the guide of my Yoga and with whom I realised identity ? All that is not to me something philosophical or mental but a matter of daily and hourly realisation and intimate to the stuff of my consciousness. Then from what position can I adjudicate this dispute? X thinks I am superior in greatness, you think there can be nothing greater than Krishna: each is entitled to have his own view or feeling, whether it is itself right or not. It can be left there, …

                                                                              - Sri Aurobindo

(SABCL, Volume 26, page 136)


Anonymous said...

I was searching this and here it comes as said directly from Sri Aurobindo. The ISKON Krishna view of the origin of all avatars sounds like monotheist view rejecting all other possibility of avatars.
Mother's view on this and Siddhi day event completes the picture....i guess.

Dayanand said...

When Sri Aurobindo has revealed everything Himself.... What more to say but bow down in reverence

pianomonika said...

Sri Aurobindo is right, that he let the compare open for the world.
Each, who read and believe must decide for oneself.