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Main Points in Sri Aurobindo’s Teachings

·         The human is a transitional being. A new spiritual life, a divine life on earth awaits him.
·         We can attain this new life on earth by making the effort of transformation.
·         We must not only cope with the problems of life but transform them so they are changed permanently.
·         Religion has failed to change the essential nature of man. It has not focused on permanent transformation, and has lost its relevancy in that regard. 
·         (Also each religion only expresses but one or two major rays of the spiritual reality; and hasn't the multi-rayed integral truth. The spiritual reality, which can be experienced by anyone at any time, expresses this multiple, integral, dynamic aspect of the Divine.)
·         The individual consists of the physical, vital, and mental plane. As we grow and evolve, we move from the lower to the higher aspect of each of these planes
·         Our physical, vital, and mental nature are filled with the limitations that need to be transformed -- the inconscience, inertia, and incapacity of the physical plane of our being; the passions, irrationality, attachments, and ego of the vital/emotional plane of our being; to the knowledge, perceptions, and insight of the mental plane. 
·         Most individuals are centered in their vital functioning. In the last 50 years or so there has been a rapid movement toward a centering in the mental consciousness.
·         Mind proper ranges from the sense-based mind (focused on interpreting that which our senses experience) to reasoning and conceptive mind.
·         Though mind proper is the highest of the three functionings, there are planes of spiritual mind above mind such as higher (silent) mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind, and Truth consciousness itself (supermind).
·         We begin the process of evolution, development, and transformation by becoming aware of the deficiencies of our nature, having the aspiration to overcome them, and then making the effort to change them.
·         We also make the movement within to touch our inner being (our psychic being, our personal soul force), which helps us move away from our ego sense and nature, our separateness, which also helps us overcome the limitations of our physical, vital, and mental nature, and also creates an opening to the spiritual Force above.
·         In his opus The Life Divine Sri Aurobindo explains the nature of the immutable Divine source of all, the Absolute (also called Brahman in the East); how the Absolute manifest the universe we live in; the nature of what was created, including matter, life, and mind in the universe, including man; and the purpose and destiny of the universe and the humanity.
·         The process that created the universe from the Divine Source, the Absolute, is the involution. That process begins when the Divine Absolute self-conceives a formation of forms. To begin this process the Absolute separates from a unitary Divine Reality and extends itself into a trinity of Existence, Consciousness-Force, and Bliss. Out of Consciousness-Force comes Energy, energy at rest, which then begins to move, and thus the beginnings of existence in the universe. The point up to the movement of energy is the involution. The process by which the universe though the emergence of the consecutive planes of matter, life, mind, and spirit reconnects with the underlying hidden spirit that enables the experience of the delight of being is called the evolution.
·         The purpose of the creation from the Divine Source is Delight of being. When we discover our higher nature we experience the delight of this discovery. In experiencing that delight we fulfill the very reason the Divine created the universe of being -- delight of being. [Also the greatest discovery is Self-Discovery of our True Self and Spirit, which creates the greatest Delight.]
·         The Divine Source was at first the Omnipresent Reality (the Absolute, Brahman); timeless, spaceless, ungraspable, immutable spirit. To begin the process of extending that spirit into a material universe it first became Existent, i.e. it began to exist as a reality beyond its unknowable state. This Existence (or Being) then extended Itself as a self-conscious Force. It further extended itself as Delighting in its existence, in Its being conscious of its existence. The Reality had become the triune of Existence-Consciousness Force-Delight(Sat-Chit-Ananda) to begin the process that would enable its Being/Spirit, its Force, Its Delight to extend to a created universe.
·         A fourth aspect, Supermind, emerged from the three to enable the universe to emerge. The Supermind (i.e. Supramental Consciousness) is the intermediary plane that enabled the cosmos, the universe to manifest from the conscious, delighting Being, the Spirit. Supermind thus in essence enabled the creation. It became the ordering mechanism that enabled the Absolute/Brahman to move from its original status of Existence, Consciousness-Force, and Bliss (Delight) into a universe of matter, life, and mind.
·         Supermind was/is the ordering mechanism that enabled the Force of the original Divine Spirit to manifest as material formations of that Force.
·         All of existence in the universe are forms of the original Force of spirit. I.e. matter, life, mind, etc. are all forms of this Force.
·         The universe, and hence the life within it was created in division and duality to enable the greatest multiplicity and variety of forms.
·         The struggle from the original inconscience of matter to life to mind to spirit is the evolution. The goal of the evolution, of life in the universe is to enable the spirit, the Force, and the Delight of being to emerge in all forms in the creation, including us.
·         We can make this effort of growth, evolution, even transformation on our own, but we can also be aided by the same Force that enabled the universe. This (Supramental) Force enables us to overcome the limitations of our own physical, vital, and mental nature; to overcome the inconscience, ignorance, falsehoods in our own lives and life in general; and enable a radical transformation of individuals and humanity into a higher functioning, perhaps a enabling a new species to emerge beyond the human, culminating in a divine life on earth.
·         We can also utilize the Force to effect life's actions and results. We can learn to bring in the Force to release the infinite potential in life, including our ability to bring about infinite accomplishment, success, and joy in our lives; to make every activity, action, situation, and circumstance end in perfection, in ways never thought of, releasing the infinite potential and unity that lurks behind.

We can learn the secrets to literally move and effect the world outside ourselves fromwithin ourselves by connecting with our Inner, Psychic Being, personal soul; and then further opening to the infinite, ever creative, ever unifying, timeless, spaceless, causal actions and powers of the Supramental Consciousness. 
·         The discovery of our inner, personal soul or psychic being is the way out of our ego, separateness, universal Ignorance, and the divisions and dualities of existence. Connecting thus within and a further opening to the Supramental Force and Consciousness is the key to our progress and transformation, and to the transformation of the society out of its ignorance, falsehood, division, suffering, and pain. 
·         When we open to spirit it expresses as any of Truth, Knowledge, Power, Oneness, Peace, Delight, Beauty, and Love.
·         One of the experiences of the Divine Consciousness is the experience of harmony, Oneness, and Unity of being; oneness within ourselves; and oneness with that which is outside ourselves. Through Oneness we broaden our perspective beyond our ego, ourselves, to the all, and thus to that vaster realm of possibility. From that deeper and broader status we can much more easily find greater solutions to the mysteries, issues, and problems of life. Likewise institutions and nations functioning from this status of Oneness within itself and outside itself can see the solutions to all problems, as well as the development of new, unthought of possibilities.
·         "All problems in life are problems of harmony." Any problem that exists can be resolved by finding a higher harmony than currently exists between and among parties, entities, and individuals. There is therefore no problem that cannot be solved by rising to a higher harmony that resolves the contradictions that exist at the previous level. When we live in our higher consciousness we are far more able to see the higher harmony that is emerging, that is in potential, which then known we can help bring about in the world. We develop this higher consciousness by living more within in the depths, and by opening to the Force around us. [Editing point]
·         The individual has not only his individual purpose, but a purpose and destiny that relates to the social environment, the collective, and the universe itself.
·         Through the individual the collective purpose and the universe's purpose is fulfilled. The ultimate status of the individual then is to find his true Individual Self (his psychic being, i.e. the personal evolving soul), and to also discover his Universal Self and even his Transcendent Self.
·         By overcoming one's limited propensities one begins on the path of personal growth. By moving within into the depths one begins to rise in consciousness to the point where he discovers his personal evolving soul. He is then open to universal truths and powers, his inner guide which guides him along the way, and to the higher truth and knowledge that is emerging in the atmosphere at any moment. He discovers the unity with everything around him. He then can more easily open to the Force living a consecrated life so all actions he takes end in perfection and infinite results, and he can further surrender his very existence to this Force in all aspects of his life so that his own will and purpose is one with the Divine purpose.
·         Man's ultimate evolutionary possibility is the supramental transformation of his being. By opening to the Supramental Consciousness and calling in its properties, we see the emergence of a new type of individual, living in a unitary consciousness that is one with all parts of his being, one with everything around it; with the total knowledge, comprehension, and understanding of the truth of every moment, that enables him to take the right and most perfect action at any moment in time. He becomes one with the flow of the universal action and the Divine spirit. Individuals living in such a poise has great positive influence and oneness with the activities, projects, institutions, organizations, communities, nations, societies that he is engaged in or connected to. His involvement lend itself to fantastic successes for any of these, enabling the greatest efficiencies of success; i.e. enabled the greatest results with the least effort in the shortest period of time.
·         Eventually we begin to see the emergence of a coming together of such individuals in a collective life. These individuals become harbingers of a new type of existence; a society steeped in the inner consciousness and spirit, releasing its infinite potential, culminating in a new type of life, a divine life on earth.
                                                                                                               - Roy Posner

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