Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chance and Illusion

Chance is not in this universe;
the idea of illusion is itself an illusion.
There was never illusion
yet in the human mind that was not the concealing and disfigurement of a truth.
                                                                             - Sri Aurobindo
(Thoughts and Aphorisms 19)


Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Resonates with what A.Einstein believed and said:
"God does not play dice with the

Theofilia said...

True that. . .("chance and illusion")

"Self-realization is like a philosophical robbery, where you are stripped of every belief, concept and idea you're ever imagined about yourself, and left to discover a world only made of question marks. The lucky ones aren't those who belive they've avoided being robbed, but those who withstand the unravelling with nothing remaining but the purity of awe and wonder."

-Matt Kahn