Friday, April 15, 2011

Attitudes in Sri Aurobindo

Professor Gabriel Monod-Herzen, the well-known French physicist, once explained in what sense Sri Aurobindo embodied for him the quintessence of the scientific spirit. “There are two attitudes in him which I most admire: The first is that he does not reject anything or anyone; there is a place for all opinions, even those which he does not accept, in his work. He has come to find that particle of truth that exists in everything because without it that opinion itself could not exist. One never feels a prisoner of ideas when one reads him. One never says, ‘This is falsehood’, or else ‘That person is wrong’; one says, ‘Here is an incomplete idea.’ Being a physicist, I was deeply struck because I had always been greatly impressed by the fact that the long succession of scientists did not contradict one another, as say those who have not studied science themselves. In fact they complement one another.”

 (Amal-Kiran: Poet and Critic, Page 258)


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