Monday, March 14, 2011

The aim of the yoga

The aim of the yoga is to open the consciousness  more and more while acting from it on the external life, to bring the inmost psychic into the front and by the power of the psychic to purify and change the being so that it may become ready for transformation and be in union with the Divine Knowledge, Will and Love.
                                                                                       - Sri Aurobindo

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Theofilia said...

A resounding "YES" to the above Sri Aurobindo quote, Jitendra!
The world more than ever needs to hear this message.
As you know, I too, am deeply amazed by the dazzling body of his Work, since it completly validates what the descendent 'Sun of gnosis' --the 'Supramental Shakti' has disclosed to me (which I share in my blog).